Nail Quickies: Luxurious Butter London Hues

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely (pre-Thanksgiving, if you’re American) week! I’ve got a super quick post for you today using two rich Butter London shades.

Sorry for the weird glitter clumping of Bit Faker - I left it facedown overnight before this pic.

Sorry for the weird glitter clumping of Bit Faker – I left it facedown overnight before this pic.

I go back and forth with Butter London – the colors are really fun, but they wear terribly on me and are often so streaky or sheer I don’t know how they get away with charging $15 per bottle. But I really do love these two colors: Bluey, a gorgeous peacock blue, was one of the first Butter London polishes I ever got, and Bit Faker is a so-not-me-but-it-somehow-caught-my-eye opaque bronze-y glitter that I got on sale last year. I love how luxe teal and bronze look together, and I decided to do a Bit Faker glitter fade over a base of Bluey.

11-23-14 diagonal

Bit Faker is so packed with glitter – which normally is great – that it makes it hard to get a nice gradation on a glitter fade. I also put a little too much of a second coat of glitter at the tips to try and cover up Bluey peeking through, resulting in a sizable bump that wasn’t helped by top coat. Not a huge deal, but it’s a polish pet peeve of mine.

11-23-14 macro

I still think this looks nice, though – just kinda like I stuck my wet nails in a tub of glitter instead of a nice, soft gradient.

11-23-14 curled

Thanks for reading! I’ve got a look I really love for the next post, that’ll be up in a day or so. See you next time – A x


2 thoughts on “Nail Quickies: Luxurious Butter London Hues

  1. So pretty! I agree about Butter London, though–I have two and I’m not sure they’re worth it. One of mine is a jelly so it’s supposed to be sheer but it’s SO sheer. I also don’t like the caps. The actual handles are stubby and not easy to use, I’m not sure it’s worth the cute bottle.

    • Yeah, I’m def over them. I mean, I like the ones i have, but they chip so quickly and just…I feel like for $15 a bottle, you need a perfect formula, great bottle design (plus they aren’t even a full .5 oz like most polish brands) and super unique color, and BLs just don’t have those qualities.

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