Glamourous Jewel Tones

Who doesn’t love jewel tones? They’re so rich and luxurious – not necessarily super bright, but eye-catching and completely inviting nonetheless. I wanted to do something with a bunch of jewel tones, and I really love how this came out!

11-29-14 bottles

I didn’t want to do anything too crazy since I knew I’d be using five different colors, so I decided to do a tiny line of gold down the center of each nail, to sort of unify the look. I chose China Glaze’s 2030, my fav chrome that’s a fabulous cool-toned champagne, and did one coat on each nail (two on a few, where my application sucked and I made it smudgy). I applied a light coat of top coat and let it dry for about the length of one episode of Gilmore Girls (my sister and I started a rematch when it came to Netflix, and we’re almost to season four – my favorite, which I know is controversial, but I love it!). Then I carefully applied one piece of striping tape down the center of each nail. It was pretty easy to eyeball, and even my left hand looks mostly straight. #winning

11-29-14 curled hand up

From there I did two coats of each jewel-tone color. Sexy Divide was the one I had to be really careful with, since it’s really streaky and – oddly for a dark metallic – kinda sheer? It usually needs three coats but I somehow managed to apply the perfect thick-but-not-too-thick coat first, so the second coat covered beautifully. Make sure your tape is super secure before you paint over it – I should’ve pressed down a little harder, because on a few of my nails the top color seeped under the tape, but it’s not too bad.

See on my pinkie and middle how the polish got onto the gold portion? Luckily it's barely noticeable in person.

See on my pinkie and middle how the polish got onto the gold portion? Luckily it’s barely noticeable in person.

I wanted to do all metallics but I didn’t want to throw a red, the only other metallic jewel tone I had, into the mix, so I ended up using Butter London’s Wallis on my thumb. It’s a shimmer, which bothers me a tiny bit because I wanted a uniform metallic formula, but I love the golden olive with the other hues so I’m pretty pleased! All of these colors are so gorgeous, I can’t even deal – Mason and Giovanna are probs my favorite, they’re just so glowy and vibrant, ugh, I love them! I wanted to keep this mani on for Thanksgiving but it definitely started to chip after a day or so because a) Butter London formula that hates me, b) dinner prep. I ended up just having to touch it up because I ran out of time to do a brand new mani, and I’m glad I did because I really, really loved this look, it’s so gorgeously fall!

A full sunlight shot (in my car, obvs) to show the gorgeous glow of these metallics!

A full sunlight shot (in my car, obvs) to show the gorgeous glow of these metallics! The shimmer of Sexy Divide, drooooooooool.

I meant to have this up before Thanksgiving, but then I got busy, so I hope all my US readers had a lovely Thanksgiving/are having a nice long weekend/managed to snag some great Black Friday deals! (I definitely spent way too much, but they were mostly presents so I can’t be too annoyed with myself.) Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you next time – A x


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