Drippy Snow Nails

While browsing Instagram the other day, I came across a Christmas nail art menu from The Illustrated Nail with a really fun black-and-white design that I loved, so I decided to do a version of it!

12-14-14 bottles

This design was actually pretty easy. I did one thick coat of Black Swift then used my tiniest dotting tool to do white dots all over. Unfortunately I have a heavy hand so even with my smallest tool, the dots turned out bigger than I wanted.

12-14-14 curled

After the dots were dry, I made some drips with the white. I wish I had made the drips a little longer but ehhh. As you can probably tell, I did this mani in a hurry, but I still think it’s cute.

12-14-14 diagonal

Thanks for reading! See you guys next time – A x


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