Winter Woods

Hi everyone, how’s your week going? Sorry, I meant to have this post up a day or so ago but I forgot :/ If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas Eve! My fan keeps it pretty chill for Christmas, but we always watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve, so we’re gonna be doing that in a little while. We’ve seen that movie a million times but it never fails to make us laugh our asses off.

Anyway, my family lives in Florida so we never get a white Christmas – or let’s be real, even a chilly Christmas – so I decided to channel some frosty weather with my nails!


I knew I wanted to use Frosty, because it perfectly captures how snow looks, that glistening white with beautiful shimmer when the sun hits it just right. I originally wanted to do a red and white peppermint-isn look but I don’t have a white or red that stamps well enough, so I decided to just use some cool colors to evoke a wintery look, so I wanted to use two colors I haven’t yet done a full mani with, Loredana and Payton. Payton is a weird color – sometimes it looks burgundy and sometimes it looks like a deep plum. I couldn’t get any pics where it looks burgundy, which sucks because I loved the burgundy/white/gray color scheme, but eh, what can you do (when you use an iPhone for your photos)? Payton has my favorite Zoya finish, the irregular holo flecks, and while they’re not as bright in Payton as they are in, say, Dream or Storm, they’re still so beautiful! I think I have every Zoya in this finish except Blaze (because I’m not a red person) and I hope they make more of them because they’re awesome!

12-20-14 diagonal

I thought the cold gray matte of Loredana would go nicely with the other two. After I bought it, I could’ve smacked myself because I realized it looked a lot like China Glaze’s Stone Cold, another gray matte. However, once I got home and compared them I was relieved to see that they’re actually quite different (well, to a polish addict’s keen eye, of course) – Stone Cold has much more shimmer and is a lot darker than Loredana. Loredana didn’t have a great formula – it took me three coats to cover the balding near my cuticle, weird. I still like it, though! I stamped some wintery-looking trees over Loredana using Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, and I do love the contrast of the matte gray with the shiny, bright silver. I used Bundle Monster plate BM407 for the trees.

12-20-14 curled2

I’m not completely in love with this, but I liked it okay. I definitely think it evoked a wintery feel, though, which was what I was going for, so yay! What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely Christmas (or regular Thursday) tomorrow! See you again soon – A x

P.S. Did everyone hear that Zoya is discontinuing their PixieDust polishes? What the hell??? I know that OPI, probably their biggest texture polish rival, has already lost interest in making their Liquid Sands, but I think there’s still demand for that type of polish amongst lacquerheads and I’m sad we’ll never get some PixieDusts colors that I was hoping for like neons or a fabulous, bright aqua or mint. So I say boo to you, Zoya!