Purple Velvet

This holiday season I wanted to try to get outside the usual red/green/gold color schemes and use less traditional colors in some of my manis. I was trying to decide which colors to use when I remembered I’d just picked up Savita, one of the recently re-released Zoya matte polishes. Perfect!

12-07-14 bottles

The Zoya mattes are so great not only because of that fabulous velvety texture, but also because of the gorgeous shimmer that looks like glitter under frosted glass. I had to try Savita with top coat and once I did, I couldn’t bear to do a full manicure matte. I mean, dat shimmer:

And what pairs best with a luxe, velvety purple? Gold, of course! Since I top coated Savita, I decided to use Love.Angel.Music.Baby, a “satin” – aka, matte – gold because I love playing with textures. I used my small dotting tool to make a few golden dots along the curve of my cuticle, and on my pointer I tried out the striping Christmas tape tree that’s been popular the past few years. I’ve never tried this design before, but it was super easy and I love the result! I was going to add a few glitter pieces as ornaments but I kinda liked how it looked bare, so my minimalist tree stayed (except for the rhinestone topper, of course!).

12-07-14 flash diagonal

I couldn’t resist adding a little accent pinkie nail of Aurora, a beautiful reddish purple in one of my favorite Zoya formulas, their flecked holo. The Zoya site calls it a “sugarplum purple,” which is perfect for a holiday manicure, don’t you think?

You can really see the shimmer of Savita best in this pic. Gorgeusssss!

You can really see the shimmer of Savita best in this pic. Gorgeousssss!

Thoughts on this mani? I actually really liked it, but that might just be because Savita is bee-you-tee-ful. I don’t know if I can ever wear it matte after this! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

Zoya + Essie = <3

I am majorly in love with Zoya’s Giovanna. It’s no secret that I love green nail polishes, but this one is kinda weird because I always prefer yellow-toned greens, but this glowy, shimmery, freakin sumptuous emerald just completely draws me in. I know it’s annoying when people say things like “Photos don’t do this justice” but for real, they don’t. If you’re into greens at all, you definitely need this color. The only thing I don’t like about Giovanna is that it’s SUCH a holiday green that I feel weird wearing it any other time. I wore it briefly in November, I think, and I had people remark that it looked “very St. Paddy’s Day” or “Christmassy.”


I discussed my Penny Talk obsession last time, and sure enough, I couldn’t resist using it to stamp over Giovanna. I really like the use of rose gold with this green instead of a yellow gold – it still has a holiday feel with the metallic but doesn’t feel quite so overtly Christmassy. Although, with the damask design and metallics, it definitely looks like fancy wrapping paper!

12-04-14 curled around bottles

I tried to not stamp in the same place each time to make it seem more like randomly applied wrapping paper (why not go with it?) but the stamp isn’t actually that big – it didn’t even cover my whole thumb – so instead they just look kind of off–center, but it’s not a huge deal. I still think it looks lovely. I really, really love this combo!

12-04-14 curled

Are any of you also under Giovanna’s spell or as into rose gold as I am? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time – A x

The Holiday Manis Commence!

I can’t believe it’s December alreadyyyyy. I only have half of my Christmas shopping done, I’ve already spent WAY too much money on presents, and I’m desperately trying to finish stuff up before the end of the year but I suspect I won’t make it. How does December always seem to sneak up on you?! I feel like once September rolls around, it’s a blur of holidays then whoops, all of a sudden it’s almost New Year’s! I’ve been thinking of all the pretty, pretty polishes I’d like to use in holiday manicures for December, but it’s a busy month…I think I might just have to do some really simple looks that I can quickly slap on, but hopefully you’ll like them (and can commiserate on having no time, arghhh)!

Today’s manicure is – you guessed it – super easy! Pretty classy too, though, if I do say so myself.

Essie's Penny Talk and China Glaze's Velvet Bow

Essie’s Penny Talk and China Glaze’s Velvet Bow

I am a little obsessed with Penny Talk – it stamps like a dream, dries quickly, and looks more rose-gold than copper to me, which I love because I am very enamored of rose-gold lately! (Spoiler alert: I might be using this a lot in my December manis!) However, the problem with Penny Talk in this particular manicure is that it came up so easily when I pulled off the hole reinforcement stickers that I use to make my half moons, even after having a layer of top coat and drying for a day, and when I tried to fix it, the end result was a bit lumpy and uneven. Also, Velvet Bow – although I love this vampy burgundy dearly – is a bit runny, so it bled under the stickers a bit, as you can see below. This looks really good in person, but of course the camera picks up every little mistake, so my photos are less than stellar. Sorry, guys, I’ll do better next time!

You can see how reflective Penny Talk is in this pic, though!

You can see how reflective Penny Talk is in this pic, though!

Anyway, flaws aside, I love me a half-moon mani – I feel like it’s the perfect elegant design for short nails (and stubby fingers) like my own, they just seem to compliment them well somehow. On longer nails, the half moon looks vampy, but on shorter nails it seems quite refined, indeed, especially with a color combo like this one. I was originally going to use gold, but then Penny Talk caught my eye…

12-02-14 curled around bottle

I think the copper/rose-gold and deep burgundy look so regal and richly wintery together, it reminds me of a posh holiday party, all velvet cushions and glinting champagne flutes. For some reason the combo also feels a bit vintage-y to me, too – I can totally see Carole Lombard rocking these nails, that chick had a great nail game.

Is anyone else feeling the end-of-the-year stress? December is such a weird combination of “Yay! Holidays!” and “Ahhhhh I have a million things to do!” At least my apartment is a pretty good de-stress zone – you can’t feel too anxious with a rose-gold tinsel tree, pretty lights, and a balsam tree-scented candle going! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time – A x