A (Very Late) Happy New Year Post!

Hi everyone! I didn’t mean to be away for so long, but I was at my parents’ for a lengthy, lovely Christmas break without much polish or my photo setup, and then when I got back in the new year honestly, I just wasn’t feeling inspired to even play with polish much. :/ Howeverrrrrrr, my little polish funk is over and I’m back with a bright, punchy look to kick off a new year of Fancy Finger Gun posts!

1-10-15 bottles

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that the China Glaze Sunsational polishes are some of my favorites. Are the formulas streaky, non-leveling, and generally a pain? Yes. But the colors are also so freaking gorgeous I can’t be mad at them for long! (JK, I get super pissed when they chip after a day. Sigh.) The other frustrating thing about these beauties is that the more genuinely neon ones are super hard to photograph in the correct shade, so in the following photos my skin is going to look kinda dead, but it was the only way to show the true color of Son Of A Peach! If I tried to edit them the slightest bit so my hands didn’t look awful, SOAP would lean more orange in photos than in person – it would kind of look like China Glaze’s Sun Worshipper, very yellow-toned, when it’s a really more soft, uh…peach-y color.

Sorry, I know my cuticles are jacked. Weather changes have messed up my skin so much.

Sorry, I know my cuticles are jacked. Weather changes have messed up my skin so much.

I bought Essie’s Bikini So Teeny towards the end of last year but haven’t worn it yet. I’ve mentioned before that I used to really dislike those kind of periwinkle-y, cornflower-y blues, but something happened last year and I somehow fell in love with them! I really love how pastels and neons look together, so I decided to pair these two up and I couldn’t love it more! I first did my two coats of Son Of A Peach (usually it would take three to make sure it was 100% non-streaky but I knew I’d be covering it up), let that dry, then applied a thin layer of BST and used a balled-up piece of Saran Wrap to gently sponge each nail, removing some of BST and letting SOAP show through. If I held my hand away this combo looked like a swirly cotton candy confection, and I got more than a few compliments! Below is a shitty pic taken in my car in twilight, but it was the only one I could get to show the neon-ness of SOAP.

1-10-15 low light

I know this is a little late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Did anyone get any particularly awesome gifts? I made out like a bandit this year, I must say! My standouts were Amy Poehler’s book, Heroine lipstick from MAC, and the Brick Lane set from Butter London!

01-10-15 stuff

I lived in the East End of London when I studied abroad in college and spent many nights feasting at delicious Brick Lane restaurants, so I had to have this set, and despite my BL issues, I really do like these polishes! I briefly wore Cor Blimey, a deep purple, and Dubs, a fantastic shell-pink texture polish, over the break and they wore very well! My sister tried Bric-A-Brac, a red jelly with gold shimmer, that was beautiful, as well. Right before I left (literally, the day I was flying out!), I also finally got my shipments of ILNP flakies and some Cirque Polish holos I’d ordered, so I will be playing with those in the next few weeks! I did bring Metropolis home and wore it over plain black for New Year’s Eve but I forgot to get pics. It was the perfect blingy NYE polish, though, and I want to try some fun layering combos soon! Anyway, let me know in the comments about any awesome presents you got – polish-related or otherwise! Thank you so much for reading, and I will have another post up soon, I promise! – A x

6 thoughts on “A (Very Late) Happy New Year Post!

  1. I may or may not be contemplating copying your pastel & neon idea …

    And, now you have me wanting MAC Heroine! Also, I got that bL set last year … I can’t wait to see it on you!!!! (Because it will be FOREVER before I get around to blogging it, obvs.) <3

    • Ha I def had plans to blog the bL polishes but I was at my parents’ without my equipment and blahhhh it just didn’t happen. I haven’t gotten to wear Heroine yet, but it’s so gorgeous! Pop into a store to try it out, I feel like it’s surprisingly wearable – I think the biggest hurdle is not feeling weird about wearing purple lipstick (well, for me, anyway, I”m usually boring with my lip colors).

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