A Zoya Deal, and My List of Favorites

Have you heard about the ongoing Zoya deal? Through January 14th, use the code NYNH to get any three Zoya polishes plus three mystery minis for $15. Pretty sweet, right? I love when Zoya does their deals! However, it can be really overwhelming to try to pick from the hundreds of polishes Zoya has available, so I thought I’d list my favorites to hopefully help you narrow some choices down (plus, personally, I love reading these kinds of lists!). Some of these polishes were also on my comprehensive all-time favorites list which I did a few months ago, so I apologize for the overlap! I just really love some of these bad boys. :) Also, please note that my clean-up won’t be perfect because I was very quickly swatching these to try and get the post up so y’all have time to actually use it before the deal is up.

Let’s start with the sadly soon-to-be-gone PixieDusts! I’m so sad Zoya is discontinuing these beauties – after disliking them in the beginning, now I really love textures polishes, and I was hoping Zoya would put out some in fun colors like turquoise or neon in the future. But alas, it was not to be, and if you don’t have any PixieDusts, you should definitely use this deal to pick a few up! Here are my favorites:

1-12-15 PixieDusts

Stevie: I wish Stevie were a pinch more vivid, because I think with my skin tone it looks kind of muted once it’s my nails, but it’s such a lovely, sparkly lilac. It’s a little sheer, but since the PixieDusts don’t chip easily on me I usually just do two thickish coats instead of three thin ones.
Dhara: I’m not usually an orange fan, but there’s something about this fabulous, juicy orange with gold shimmer that sets my heart aflame. Rowr! It’s also very opaque, almost a one-coater, so it’s a great pick for when you’re short on time.
Solange: Solange is maybe my favorite Zoya ever. Well, definitely my favorite PixieDust, anyway! It’s a gorgeous yellow with golden shimmer, and it looks like liquid sunshine on your tips. I think it’s the gold that makes this yellow so flattering on so many people. If you don’t have this color, you need it!
Dahlia: I love, love, love this badass-looking polish! Be aware though – in the bottle it looks like pitch black, but on the nail it’s more like dark gray because of the silver shimmer. Still super awesome, though, and so sparkly!

Next we’ll do cremes:
1-12-15 cremes

Dove: I love a nice, clean gray. It looks so chic and subtle without being boring, and Dove is the perfect light gray for me! It can be a little streaky, but I think that might just be my bottle since I haven’t read any other bad reviews, but honestly, taking the time to do three careful coats is worth it for this clean, classic hue!
Petra: Until about a year ago, I was not a neutral fan, but I love how Zoya has been reinventing neutrals every spring, and this is one of my favorites! Zoya described it best when they said it is a “dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones.” Definitely a color-changer depending on the lighting – you can see here it looks much darker and purple-er than the bottle – but always beautiful!
Wednesday: Okay, actually, maybe this dreamy, faded aqua is my favorite Zoya of all time. I have one or two blues close to it but none that match exactly – it’s showing up a bit too bright here, it’s def more faded. I love that it’s pastel-y but not boring, and it can look chic or playful depending on what else you pair it with (I love putting it with Shelby, below!). It also has a fantastic two-coat formula. Swoooooon!
Shelby: From the same collection as Wednesday, 2012’s Beach & Surf collection, Shelby is not my usual color but something about this pretty cotton-candy pink caught my eye and I had to snap it up. The formula can be a little finicky in that Zoya way – it’s a bit thick so you grab a little too much on your brush and flood your cuticles – but it’s actually an opaque two-coater.

The shimmers (these actually make a pretty almost-ombre!):
1-12-15 shimmers

Mimi: Every time people see me wearing this, they freak out and demand to know what it is. The whole Sparkle collection from 2010 was great but there’s something about this rich, vivid purple with pinkish shimmer that makes everyone lose their minds. Def snap it up if you’re a purple fan!
Remy: This is a newer polish, and after spotting it at the nail supply store I immediately snatched it up. It’s an indigo with “a strong flash of green and gold liquid metallic glitter” but what I love most is how it’s not too dark – I hate almost-black shades because I feel like what’s the point? Remy looks like an evil mermaid’s tail – moody blue with a sultry, blingy shimmer. Yum.
Logan – I’m a sucker for greens, and this lush, gold-flecked forest green is one of my favorites ever. I like that it doesn’t look too holiday, unlike a lot of shimmery deep greens, so I don’t feel weird wearing it year round. It’s got a near-perfect formula, too, and is almost a one-coater.
Zuza – From the same collection as Wednesday and Shelby (actually, that whole collection was fab), Zuza is basically a more vivid Wednesday ​with foil particles. It reminds me of a beach resort holiday, and come summer, this shade is almost exclusively what I wear on my toes.

Some metallics and a duo chrome:
1-12-15 metallics

Adina: Adina is a really cool and unique color from a few years ago that never really gets much love on blogs. It’s a pale violet with a strong acid green duo chrome that looks like a witch’s potion. It seems super sheer on the first coat, but is opaque in two. There are sliiiight brushstrokes but you can’t really tell in person. I bet this would look badass layered over a darker purple!
Giovanna: I don’t really need to say anything about this color because look.at.dat.swatch. This blue-leaning emerald looks like Zoya plucked a jewel out of the royal crown and melted it into their bottle. Like Adina, the minimal brushstrokes that can appear aren’t really noticeable in person, and anyway, who cares? This color is too gorgeous for words (although double up on base coat, this strong color might stain a little).
Mason: A “Fandango pink,” whatever that is, Mason was a surprise hit for me. I love purpley-pinks but this one is so sumptuous and rich, it feels like prepping for a ball every time I use it. I really love the random tiny glitter specks that wink in the sun.

Here are some special finish polishes, mattes and a flakie:

1-12-15 mattes

Maisie: I love flakie polishes, and while indie creators have started to make them more widely available lately, Maisie is a great pick if you want to stick to mainstream brands. This is one coat over Zoya’s Ibiza. They morph back and forth from turquoise to green as your hand moves, a fun effect that you’ll be playing with all day.
Veruschka: I loooove Zoya’s mattes. They really do look like velvet, and are just as beautiful with top coat as without, although I love how quickly they dry in their natural state (although they do chip fairly quickly). Veruschka is such a chic tone of forest green, and it always reminds me of Scarlet O’Hara’s curtain dress on my tips!
Savita: The same formula as Veruschka – thick but not gloopy, opaque enough that it can be a one-coater if you’re careful – plus a fabulous royal purple color makes Savita one of my go-tos for a quick mani. And let’s not even get started on how it looks with top coat. So lovely!

Let’s end my list with a bang, starring the scattered holo finish polishes! This is one of my favorite Zoya finishes and they’ve used it on multiple colors, but the brilliant holo rainbow comes through better on some more than others, and the below three are all perfectly flashy and bright!

1-12-15 holo flecks

Storm: Obviously, the deep black base makes the shards of holo pop, and this is even more gorgeous in the sunlight. The dark base makes it so not as many holo particles show up as the other two colors here, butI actually love that – it looks like the twinkling night sky.
Aurora: I love that this is called “sugarplum purple,” and it’s kind of on the money, too. It’s a beautiful reddish violet hue that I just love. Enough holo particles show in Aurora that it actually has a weak linear holo effect, and this sucker is sparkling even in low light.
Dream: Between the deep royal blue hue and the amount of glimmering holo particles, Dream is literally breathtaking, trust – if you don’t have this one, buy it now. Then thank me when people grab your hand and ooh and ahh at your tips, admiring your mad polish game. You’re welcome. :)

Hmm looking at these swatches now, I realize that most of my Zoyas are mostly greens, blues, and purples! I’m not a professional blogger who gets collections shipped to me, so everything I have, I’ve bought myself, and obviously I only buy colors I’m drawn to. But I hope that this list at least helped you to find some polishes you might not have noticed otherwise in the huge Zoya site, and maybe convinced you which to snap up. If you have any questions about formula or would like suggestions, let me know in the comments and I’ll help you as much as I can! I don’t own all the Zoyas, but I read enough polish blogs to have a pretty good working knowledge of them so I can probably help you out. Thank you so much for reading! See you next time – A x