Born Pretty Store Neon Studs Review

First of all, Y’ALL. I had such a hard time picking my three Zoya colors for their promotion! When you have as many nail polishes as me, you have to be really picky – I kept seeing colors I liked then being like “Nope, too much like [OPI/China Glaze/Orly/etc I already own].” I’m also starting to get verrrrry guilty about not wearing half the polishes I have, so I really need to start delving back into the depths of my stash (which I also desperately need to reorganize, ahhh). But! I finally picked Yuna, Tomoko, and Nyx as my colors and I can’t wait to play with themmmm, and also to see the mystery mini shades – I am such a sucker for mini-sized anything!

Although I love mini horses most of all. RIP, Lil Sebastian!  via

Although I love mini horses most of all. RIP, Lil Sebastian!

A while ago I received an email from Born Pretty Store asking if I’d like to review some of their products. Obviously I jumped at the chance, and I chose a few colorful stud wheels to try. Lately I’ve been wishing for chilly, overcast weather but getting abundant sunshine (damn you, SoCal!), so I decided to do a mani that combines both a cloudy and sunny feel – my previous post of my favorite Zoyas reminded me of some fabulous colors I rarely use, and I ended up using Dove as a base with some of BPS’s neon studs on top.

1-16-15 bottles

After two careful coats of Dove dried (my bottle has a tendency to be streaky, so I wait a long time between coats, and carefully paint them on), I added a layer of top coat to each nail one by one and used my handy dandy curved tweezers to quickly apply the studs in a small pyramid design.

1-16-15 curled under

The studs are brilliantly colored and the color didn’t scratch off when I fumbled with my tweezers or dropped them against the table. I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time and I’m so happy I finally got a chance to try them out! I do wish I had gotten a slightly bigger size, though, because these were hard to pick up with my tweezers. Also, because my top coat is on the thick side, it was difficult to place them so that the top coat didn’t overflow when I squished the studs down – as a result, I didn’t press the studs down enough, and two of the pink ones popped off a few times before I managed to secure them with a teeny dab of top coat – but that’s really an issue with my top coat and not the studs.

Forgive my not-so-nice cuticles, y'all! I've def fallen behind on moisturizing recently.

Forgive my not-so-nice cuticles, y’all! I’ve def fallen behind on moisturizing recently, sorryyyyy.

I think maybe a darker gray would make the neon studs pop more, but I love the fun pop of unexpected colors. I want to do something similar with a neutral and a pink/purple/blue/green stud color combo in the future, but I do like this tropical rainbow scheme. It accomplished exactly what I wanted, and I love it.

1-16-15 wheel

Thanks for reading! See you all next time – A x