An OPI Oldie: What’s With The Cattitude?

Have you guys ever heard of the January Cure? It’s an Apartment Therapy thing that, let’s be honest, I would never actually complete – the very first assignment was to buy flowers, and already I was like “ehhh” because flowers are nice in theory but like…it kinda just feels like throwing money away to me? – but it did get me on a “start the year with a clean home” kick. I don’t have a real schedule or anything, but this past weekend I cleaned a shitload of stuff out of my closet and reorganized/purged my polishes. True, I didn’t purge that many polishes, but reorganizing them made me realize who often I go back to my same favorites all the time, so I decided to start showing a little love to my lesser-used bottles, and one of the first ones I grabbed was OPI’s What’s With The Cattitude?

1-21-15 bottles

This exact hue of baby blue is actually pretty rare in the polish world – mostly when light blues come out they’re super pale, like Zoya’s Blu or Essie’s Borrowed and Blue, while WWTC? has that more pigmented, dreamy morning sky tone. WWTC? is from the OPI’s 2010 Shrek mini collection, which was amazing because there were NO PINKS OR REDS. Let that sink in for a second: OPI. No pinks or reds.

I couldn't find a .gif of this! Way to let me down, Internet. via

I couldn’t find a .gif of this! Way to let me down, Internet. via

In 2010 I was a wee baby lacquerhead – this was one of the first polish collections I was aware of because I’d started reading All Lacquered Up’s blog and keeping up with polish info – but I already had a few similar lime greens, so I skipped those and snapped up the two blues and two purples from this collection instead.

Ugh sorry about that ugly little healing cut on my pinkie. Also, I think WWTC? is leaning a tiny bit aqua in these pics, but it's definitely a powder blue.

Ugh sorry about that ugly little healing cut on my pinkie. Also, I think WWTC? is leaning a tiny bit aqua in these pics, but it’s definitely a powder blue.

Despite the somewhat finicky application, I used to wear this color a fair bit when I first got it, but I was en route to becoming the crazy polish monster I am today and my collection amassed to the point of more bottles than days in the year, plus during the 2011-2013 period there were a LOT of great collections that came out with beautiful and/or unique colors, so a baby blue that required three careful coats just wasn’t on my radar of something to reach for. I’m still kinda on the fence about it – it’s not really my style anymore, but I don’t want to let it go because it was one of my first big polish purchases and besides, my tastes change all the time (like how I suddenly like neutrals???) so I’ll keep it for now. I did feel the need to jazz it up a little after a day, though, so I pulled out my old buddy, China Glaze’s Lorelei’s Tiara.

1-21-15 around bottle

It was chilly (and weirdly, suuuuper foggy) here in LA yesterday and today, so I thought a little wintery look would feel appropriate. I’ve used Lorelei’s Tiara as an accent once on the blog before (there’s even a gif that shows its insane sparkle) and I guess I just really hate glitter clean up because I’m using it only as an accent again! I really like the combination of baby blue + bright silver + royal blue, though. I attempted a glitter fade on my pointer before remembering how freaking opaque Lorelei’s Tiara is

1-21-15 curled upside down

Do any of you have an old fav you don’t get around to wearing much anymore but you still don’t want to let it go? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you next time – A x