Zoya January Promo Swatches

Hello, lovely readers! After complaining to friends about how it always takes foreverrrrr for me to receive my orders from Zoya’s promotions, I actually received my order yesterday, huzzah! (Also super weird, because the tracking said it hadn’t even been shipped yet…) I thought I’d do a super quick swatch post showing the polishes I ordered and the colors included in the Mystery Minis!

2-6-15 bottles

First up, the polishes I ordered. I reeeeeeally debated these – I feel like there actually aren’t too many Zoya polishes I really NEED anymore, since I’ve got a fair amount and their last few collections haven’t had anything that really grabbed my attention. I finally decided to try out Yuna, warm gray with gold and copper flecks; Nyx, a periwinkle PixieDust; and Tomoko, a metallic silver-gold PixieDust. Here are my thoughts (and also, sorry for my less-than-perfect cuticles!):

I know this picture is super awkward, but I was trying to catch the colors/finishes as best I could.

I know this picture is super awkward, but I was trying to catch the colors/finishes as best I could.

Yuna: SO PURDYYYY. It’s got a great two-coat formula and the lovely greenish-gray with tiny gold and copper flecks is totally unique in my stash…nothing else to say, this one is beautiful! It was hard to capture the gold/copper flakes but they’re much more noticeable in person. Basically, if you love grays and/or flakes, you’ll love Yuna.

Nyx: Eh. I’m not super thrilled with the color but I also don’t hate it…we’ll have to see if it grows on me or not. Also, as you can see, it’s still not fully opaque after two coats, which is kind of annoying.


^ basically sums up how I feel about Tomoko. It leans a little warm in this pic, but in person I can’t tell if it’s more a cool-toned gold or a warm-toned silver, and I kinda like that – it’s like a weird, neutral metallic. More importantly, it’s an easy two-coater and it is SPARKLY, y’all! It’s not showing up well in this photo but trust, throw on Tomoko if you want total party nails.

Now let’s take a gander at the Mystery Mini trio! A friend tipped me off that the minis are from the collection Zoya created for Peter Som at last year’s New York Fashion Week. I knew Zoya wasn’t going to send out any bright colors or anything too mind-blowing, but I was actually way more pleased with what they sent out than I thought I’d be.

2-6-15 left

Anais is a metallic-threaded black (it has a “vein of warm pewter running through it,” according to that post) that’s unique in my collection, plus I really love the name Anais, so this one’s a winner for me.

Severine likewise has a cool name (sounds like a badass villainess) and while it’s a fairly standard champagne gold, it’s nice to have a tiny bottle I can take with me when I travel. It was a little bit brushstrokes, but that almost completely smoothed out once I applied top coat.

Charlotte is the one I’m not sure about – I have been warming up to neutrals a lot more lately, but still, a dirty khaki isn’t really gonna make me jump for joy. The formula was nice, though – it’s a two-coater like the others, which is surprising for a light color.

What colors do y’all get in the promo? Let me know in the comments! I weirdly love hearing about what people snatch up in the Zoya sale ha. Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x