butter London Cotton Buds

I’ve made my thoughts on butter London pretty clear on this site before (too pricey for polish that chips too quickly) buuuuuut in January they had 50% off their “Last Orders” and there was a kit with three polishes, a dotting tool, and a clean-up brush that would be about $20 after the discount that I felt like I couldn’t resist because a) a single bL polish is $15 so this was a great deal for three + tools, b) the polishes included Cotton Buds, which I’ve read countless rave reviews of and I did desperately needed a new white polish. The weird thing was, when I added Stag Do – a dark teal with shimmer – to my cart as well, I got free shipping even though the total was under $30. Well, I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so that’s how I ended up with four new bL polishes when all I really wanted was a white (#polishaddictprobs).

Jaded jack, HRH, Cotton Buds, Stag DO, and a cuticle brush and dotting tool.

Jaded jack, HRH, Cotton Buds, Stag DO, and a cuticle brush and dotting tool.

I was not thrilled with Cotton Buds, unfortunately. I’d read lots of reviews saying it was an easy two coater, but that definitely was not the case for me. I waited five or so minutes between coats, but still had one big streak on each nail after two coats so I needed a third, and even after that, my nails don’t look perfect. Sighhhh. I wish I had snatched up another Milani White Out before they changed over to their new polishes – now that was a great, easy two-coat white. I’ll pour one out for you later, buddy.
2-7-15 pour one out

I wanted to do something simple with my white nails, so I decided to just do a diagonal with one of my fav golds, OPI’s Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

2-6-15 curled udner

Love.Angel.Music.Baby is a really cool polish that I’ve shown a few times before on this blog – it’s a “satin” finish, which isn’t quite stark matte but definitely isn’t glossy, and it has tons of gorgeous shimmer. It’s kind of a bitch to remove for some reason, but it goes on like a dream so despite my annoyance with Cotton Buds, I was glad to have a quick and easy way to jazz it up.

2-6-15 in front of bottles

Nice, huh? This isn’t a look I’d normally do – the white + gold makes me think of something a lifestyle blogger like Cashmere & Cupcakes would do – but I like it (well, except for my messed up ring finger). I’ll have to keep looking for a great white, but c’est la vie – that’s kind of an on-going issue when you’re a lacquerhead. Freaking light polish colors, man!

What did you think of this mani? Do you have a favorite (hopefully 2-coater) white polish to suggest? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, y’all! See you next time – A x