Nailz for San Francisco!

Hi everyone! This past weekend I went to San Francisco – and of course, being me, figuring out a manicure to wear is almost as important as planning outfits. I wanted to use one of my new Zoya PixieDusts because they wear really well and I’d be in SF for almost 4 days, but just wearing one color seemed a little too boring, so I added one of my favorite colors and used another for a fun accent.

2.17.15 bottles

I showed I Snow You Love Me about a year and a half ago on this site (and I won’t be linking to it because it was when I just started and those pics was BAD, y’all) but haven’t touched it since then. I like the idea of this polish – especially since OPI isn’t a super innovative brand – but you can’t just slap it on because of the thick base coat and how the glitter pieces sink to the bottom. I decided to scoop out a few to position at my cuticles for a punchy holo accent and I really love how it looks, especially over the neon of Surfin’ For Boys, one of my all-time favorite polishes.

My skin tone's a little weird in those pics because I was trying to capture the neon tone of Surfin' For Boys.

My skin tone’s a little weird in those pics because I was trying to capture the neon tone of Surfin’ For Boys.

I put Tomoko on my pinkie, pointer, and thumb, and it is be-youuuuu-ti-ful, guys! Unfortunately, I lost my little macro lens for my iPhone, so I can’t get a close-up pic, but I tried to at least capture both its metallic tones and its sparkle:

Sorry also for how generally busted my nails look - I haven't been able to take care of them much recently.

Sorry also for how generally busted my nails look – I haven’t been able to take care of them much recently.

Usually PixieDusts last very well on me, but of course the time I really needed it to, Tomoko chipped the second day. And kept chipping. And kept chipping until I had a tiny patch left in the center of my nail. Boooooo. Oh well, this was pretty while it lasted!

2.17.15 SF Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about 6 years now (Jesus) and I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco, but I could never get anyone to go with me – everyone I know has already been there, either with their families or boyfriends/girlfriends, and weirdly didn’t want to go again (despite raving about how it’s the best city evaaaa, etc). The good thing about living with my sister is that I have a built-in travel buddy, and in January when we realized Presidents’ Day meant a Monday off, we decided to look up flights. Since February isn’t exactly high travel season, we managed to score plane tickets and a hotel near lots of cool SF things for pretty cheap – victory!



Unfortunately, everyone else in Bay Area had the same idea to go to SF, and the city was insanely crowded all weekend. It also was much warmer than it normally is, which was great for the locals – who wouldn’t stop giddily remarking on the weather – but annoying for me, queen of complaining about hot weather. (To be fair, it wasn’t HOT hot, but when you’re walking around in the sun all day, it does get uncomfortable.) I’d been looking forward to chilly temps and cloudy skies, so I was a bit grumpy I’d brought jackets and scarves for nothing. Sigh.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Our first full day there, we took a tour we found on Groupon, the San Francisco Love Tour. You get driven around in an old VW bus painted psychedelic rainbow with an electric blue interior, which is obviously awesome, and the tour guide Alan, was even more awesome. He’s had a really interesting life, was super knowledgeable about the city, and just a really cool, friendly guy – as we drove around, people driving alongside us or on the sidewalks were gawping at the crazy car and he’d wave out the window and shout greetings at everyone. When traffic made it seem like we wouldn’t get to see half our tour, he mentioned there was no tour after us and that if we were game, he’d make sure we saw everything. We all said yes, and not only did we hit every area on the list, but we even made a detour and got to take photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge which he doesn’t normally do. If you’re looking for a tour of San Francisco, definitely check this one out, you won’t be disappointed!

Caught some of Alan, the tour guide - yes, he wore  a tie-dye hoodie that matched the van.

Caught some of Alan, the tour guide – yes, he wore a tie-dye hoodie that matched the van.

I’m not sure if it was the weather or the amount of people or what, but I was a little meh about San Francisco. I think because literally everyone I know who’s been RAVED about how much they loved it, would move there if they could, etc, that I felt like I was a…weirdo or something? for not loving the city. We did all the things you’re supposed to do, but I didn’t feel that connection to the city. The only thing I really loved was wandering the Haight-Ashbury district – my sister and I had an amazing lunch at a great noodle joint (The Citrus Club) and the shops were really cool and fun, and of course we had a scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. It was a really cool area and I snapped up some cute clothes that I can’t wait to wear.

Rasputin Records on Haight.

Rasputin Records on Haight.

Thanks for reading, y’all! What do you think of this mani? Does anyone else have lukewarm feelings towards SF? Please tell me in the comments so I don’t feel so alooooooooooone! Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x