Chalkboard Nails and WorkPlayPolish Do My Nails

A week or so ago Sarah from Chalkboard Nails posted on her Instagram that she’d be at a RiteAid in West Hollywood with Julie G and Leslie from WorkPlayPolish to do a meet-and-greet event. WELL. Obviously I was stoked, but I got the dates messed up so I thought it was next weekend. Then as I was running around doing errands this past Saturday, I checked my Instagram while waiting around and saw the post that they were there already! I managed to hustle over with my sister and get there just in time to be the last in line to get our nails done.

2-22-15 pose

This is a weird color combo because I was wearing butter London’s Stag Do, a blackened teal, and had planned to do some nail art over it, but Leslie had pale pink, royal blue, and gold Julie G polishes to work with, so they look kinda odd together. But whatevaaaaaaaa because my sister and I got to chill with Sarah and Leslie for about half an hour while Leslie did leopard spots on my nails and Sarah did some rose art on a few of my sister’s (she’s not a big nail art person, so she just wanted an accent – although an hour after we got home she’d already taken it off and had done a replica of Sarah’s own nails that day, gray with golden-orange shimmer).

Sorry for the weird chip at the cuticle on my middle finger - I put Stag Do on ONE DAY before this, and it already chipped. Freaking butter London.

Sorry for the weird chip at the cuticle on my middle finger – I put Stag Do on ONE DAY before this, and it already chipped. Freaking butter London.

Both ladies were lovely and awesome. You can tell Leslie was a nail tech for years – she effortlessly chatted with us the whole time. She was very warm and charmingly excited about everything, and Sarah was really funny and witty – when I asked them how they kept their polish collection organized, and then admitted I don’t like to have friends see exactly how many I have but rather bring them out a few polishes to choose from, Sarah likened it to the Wizard of Ox behind the curtain, hee. They asked if I had a blog (and Sarah followed me on Instagram, eeeee! And also remarked that she remembered seeing my account name before, eeeeee!) and we talked a bit about how the nail art blogging thing is making a move over to mostly Instagram. I asked what they had planned for the weekend after the event, and Leslie was super excited to tell us that they were going to PUMP for dinner and drinks later that night, and then they told us that on Sunday they were going to breakfast with China Glaze, having a tour of OPI, and then having a hang out and mani/pedi with Katie from The Painted Nail at their new W Hotel location. I mean…does that not sound like the most amazing weekend?! Anyway, both Sarah and Leslie were so charming and really fun to talk to; just generally very cool chicks. You can tell the two are good friends, and y’all, it was just really cool to meet people who are so big in our little nail art sphere in person. I tried to not to nerd out too hard, but it was really awesome to meet them.

Sarah's top left, Leslie top right, me at the bottom!

Sarah’s top left, Leslie top right, me at the bottom!

We also snagged some swag at the event – reusable RiteAid bags (always welcome, since I keep forgetting to leave one in my car) stuffed full of samples and a few full-sized items, like Julie G’s top coat, which is amazing and my new fav, and an NYC mascara that’s actually really great. Meeting two of my fav bloggers AND free stuff? Saturday was the best.



Sorry for going on so much but thanks for putting up with my babbling! I’ll see you next time – A x

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