New Indie Polish Mani: Cirque and ILNP!

Guysssss I’m so sorry, this was supposed to be posted almost two weeks ago now (ack!) and I completely spaced! Please forgive my absence and enjoy the following post with sparklez and multichrome:

So right before I left to fly back to the East Coast for Christmas, I finally got my packages from Cirque Colors and ILNP that I’d ordered in November – a Black Friday deal from Cirque, the flakie pre-order from ILNP. I threw on a quick skittles mani with the three Cirque holos for my flight and wore an ILNP flakie for New Year’s, but I haven’t shown any yet on this site until now! (There’s a pic on my Instagram of all six bottles, though.) This mani is comprised of only two of them, but I’m sure I’ll rock the others soon!

2-5-15 bottles

I’ve fallen a little out of love with blue-leaning, royal purples lately, but my love affair with pinky-lavenders continues to grow, so I knew I’d adore Xochitl! It’s a beautiful orchid that went on in two flawless coats. I reeeeeeally love the colors in Cirque’s Heritage Collection; despite how pricey they are, I’m kicking myself for not picking up Sky Woman, the periwinkle holo, with my other ones. I love the hues of the Heritage colors – I mean, I love jewel tones as much as the next girl, but these softer colors are really unique in holo form and I’m so glad I have some of them finally!

2-5-15 curled under

On another note…really the only other indie holos I have are from ILNP and honestly, I much prefer Cirque’s – I think the holo linear “flare” is stronger than ILNP’s, which seem more scattered, and that’s not my favorite holo finish.

Dat linear rainbowwwww.

Dat linear rainbowwwww.

But anyway, I’ve already worn this polish three times since I got it, so obvs I love it. The best part is that it’s gorgeous even in the shade, because there’s tiny pink glitter particles scattered throughout, which I tried to capture in the below shade photo.

2-5-15 macro holo shade

As an accent nail, I tried out ILNP’s Metropolis. Metropolis’ base color is also a pinky-purple, so I thought it would go well with Xochitl, but to keep things from being too matchy-matchy, I used Zoya’s Wednesday, a lovely faded aqua creme, as its base.

2-5-15 curled around bottle

Like all ILNP’s flakies, Metropolis is an “Ultra Chrome,” which is ILNP’s term for their color-shifting properties. Metropolis shifts from its main pinky-purple to fuchsia to purple to aqua, with orange and gold (and maaaaaybe even a tiny bit of green?) towards the edges. Unlike holos, which need bright sunlight for their full effect, multi-chromes are best seen in the shade, so I tried to capture the color shift of Metropolis in the macro below.

I mean, SWOON.

I mean, SWOON.

This is also two coats of Metropolis. I found it very easy to maneuver on the nail, and I almost kept it at one coat but I decided to add more flakes to make the purple accent/purple holo connection more evident. Like my Heritage remorse, I’m really sad I didn’t get any more ILNP flakies – I mean, it was holiday time so I was already spending a buttload on my flight home and tickets, but ughhhhh I wish I could’ve at least also picked up Brilliance! Ah well, such a polish addict’s life – making those hard decisions, man.

2-5-15 pose

What do you think of these polishes? Did you pick up and Cirque or ILNP colors during the holidays? Also, I was surprised how many polish and makeup brands I’d been waiting for never actually went on sale for Black Friday – or at least had as good of a discount as I wanted. Did anyone else notice that? Anyway, thanks so much for reading! See you next time – A x