Blue & Purple Skittles, and a Colourpop Review

(Ahhhhh sorry y’all, I had this post ready over a week ago but I realized just now that I never actually put it up!)

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick blue and purple mani because I’ve really been digging those colors lately.

3.15 bottles

Shower Together is so great – it’s basically a one-coater and isn’t too dark or bright, it’s just the perfect almost-teal (it’s not quite green enough to be called teal, but it definitely leans green). Are You Jelly? is the complete opposite of Shower Together – I think this is four thin coats, and it still look streaky. The color is fab – a bright orchid purple – but ughhhhh the streakiness is so obnoxious. It’s from China Glaze’s 2013 Sunsational collection, which was populated with likewise beautiful but difficult hues, and I’m never quite sure if the brilliant colors are worth the struggle to get the polish on nicely.

The striped nail got a little smeared when I put top coat on, but you can barely see it in person.

The striped nail got a little smeared when I put top coat on, but you can barely see it in person.

I do like this combo, though, and I was actually inspired to go blue/purple by the glitter, Wet n Wild’s Believe Me, They’re Real. BMTR was part of a holiday collection back in…2012, I want to say? I grabbed a few because they were dupes for the much-pricier Nails Inc. glitter polishes. BMTR is a pretty opaque glitter comprised mostly of glitter that’s a lovely blue almost the same color as Shower Together, peppered with royal purple glitter pieces.

3.15 curled under

I accidentally smudged AYJ? on my ring finger so I cut a few random pieces out of washi tape and haphazardly applied them to my top-coated nail, painted on one easy coat of Shower Together, then immediately pulled the tape off. I’m actually really please with how it looks – it sort of reminds me of the design on Fruit Stripes gum – and I love how the richness of Shower Together makes the colors together look bright but not too 80s. I topped everything off with the Julie G fast-dry top coat I got at the Rite-Aid event a few weeks ago, and it was dry in a snap. I love that stuff.

3.15 around bottle

In other news, today I got my first order from Colourpop Cosmetics, the indie makeup brand that’s taken Instagram by storm with its wide range of colors are super-low prices. I ordered some neutral-colored matte eye shadows (Bill, To-A-T), a lippie stick and its matching lip liner (Dalia), and Colourpop’s lip primer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too thrilled with the eye shadows – To-A-T pulled very terra cotta on my skin when it looked like a med-tone brown online, and while I’d been super excited for Bill after seeing swatches online with it being a lovely mid-tone taupe or a lavender gray, either one I would’ve been happy with, it was basically invisible on my lids. I think part of the problem is that there’s barely any swatches on the site – there’s a few, and I appreciate that those do have show the colors on both a lighter and darker skin, even some of those aren’t color accurate according to bloggers’ swatches I’ve seen. As for the lip products, Dahlia is a great burgundy hue, but the lipstick went on patchy in one coat even over the liner. I’m pretty disappointed since I’ve only read gushing reviews, and maybe I built it up too much. I think if I order in the future I’ll stick to brighter colors, which are easier to be opaque (lippies) and to see exactly what hue they are (shadows).

Dalia lip pie stick, Dalia lip liner, Bill  eyeshaow, To-A-T eyeshadow, all without primer

Dalia lip pie stick, Dalia lip liner, Bill eyeshaow, To-A-T eyeshadow, all without primer

Did anyone else have a not-so-great experience with Colourpop or have any recs for products they love? Let me know in the comments! I really do want to give them another shot, but ehhh…. Anyway, thank you for reading! See you next time – A x


4 thoughts on “Blue & Purple Skittles, and a Colourpop Review

  1. I just made an order to colourpop. I’m still anxiously waitibg , but I am worried about the eye shadows because of the lack of swatches! With so many great reviews out about them I really want to love them but all the swatches I see look different and it makes me nervous!

    I love the Mani! That glitter blue is gorgeouuuuus!

    • Yeah, swatches for certain lippies and shadows looked completely different on different people/lighting when I checked online, too – Bill either looked like a lavender-gray or a grayish-taupe, completely dissimilar colors! I think the safest thing to do is not order neutrals, because those were the ones that mostly looked super different (and that’s what I ordered and didn’t like, so I learned that lesson the hard way!). The actual formula was pretty great on these, though! What colors did you get?

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