Spring Has Sprung, Y’all

It’s been hotter than a bitch here in Southern California so I was feeling some summer-y colors, but I actually ended up with a very spring-ish combo – cool mint and bright coral.

3.16 bottles

Sooooo I don’t understand the description or photo of Trout Pout on the butter London website. It’s described as: “Pale and retro, this opaque cantaloupe nail lacquer looks great on anyone.” Um, this color isn’t pale or cantaloupe-y – this is what cantaloupe looks like, and this is what Trout Pout looks like:

3.16 curled around bottle

Defeinitely more of a coral pink, no? The photo on the website looks more like a carnation pink. I really hate when companies – especially such a big one like bL – don’t accurately show their products. But anyway, Trout Pout is actually really great – it’s bright but not neon, and the formula is usually pretty good, although my bottle is starting to get goopy, but I have had it for about three or so years now? I think Trout Pout might’ve been my first butter London polish, or at least was one of the first. Trout Pout is also the only bL polish that doesn’t immediately chip on me, which further cements it as one of my favs.

My dots smeared a bit when I applied top coat :/

My dots smeared a bit when I applied top coat :/

I know Sally Hansen has revamped its previously amazing X-Treme Wear line recently, and I don’t know if Mint Sorbet was one of the polishes that got reformulated, but I hope not because it’s actually a fantastic formula for a pastel – on my right hand I even got away with one (thick) coat! Unfortunately, when I used it with my dotting tools, I somehow kept smudging it ughhh so it doesn’t look that great. Just like with stamping, though, I’m not 100% perfect at dotting and still mess it up a fair bit of the time. But if you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I don’t have to be a perfectionist all the time, so a little mess-up doesn’t bother me too much. I like how this turned out a lot.

3.16 up

Thanks for reading, everyone! See you next time – A x

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