Topshop Polish and 2015 PaleyFest!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful week! I did a little splurge last weekend and picked up two Topshop nail polishes, one of which I wore in a dreamy mani.


So first of all let me just say that I thought the Topshop polishes were two for $10 – maybe I’d seen a sale the other times I’d gone or something, because when I got to the register they were definitely 2 for $15. I bought them anyway but ehhhhh I don’t think these are worth the price tag. They are tiny and maybe the cremes and mattes (the mattes did look cool, not gonna lie) are great but the formula on the two I got – this speckled lavender and a holo star-and-microglitter topper – weren’t amazing. But anyway, I do really love this color. It’s my favorite type of lavender, pink-leaning, and I love the tiny matte glitter pieces that give it that speckled Easter egg look. I used three coats by itself on my right hand but it doesn’t dry quickly so I did two thin coats over one coat of Sweet Hook on my left, which was so much better! The color didn’t really change but it was definitely more opaque and took me much less time to paint on.

Sorry about my busted cuticles, y'all!

Sorry about my busted cuticles, y’all!

For the stamped nails, I used my Fairytale 02 plate from Mo-You for the first time. Weirdly, there are certain designs I can stamp really easily, does that happen to anyone else? I used the swirly cloud part for my pointer and pinkie and it was really easy to stamp on just the way I wanted. My pointer got a little smudged but I love how the swirly design looks with the speckled lavender. So dreamy and spring-y!


So last weekend I went to Paleyfest! You may remember I went last year for the Parks & Recreation panel. This year, honestly, the panel choices sucked so I didn’t have a hard time narrowing down my self-imposed limit of one to one of my fav shows, Jane the Virgin! I know a lot of people compare it to Ugly Betty, which I get – they’re both based on telenovelas, they both feature a large cast, colorful sets, and sometimes “wacky” humor – but they’re definitely not the same. If you haven’t seen it, a quick description: Jane was raised by her single mother Xiomara and grandmother Alba, both of whom she lives with, and she’s a very down-to-earth, practical person who knows exactly what she wants in life (to eventually marry her long-term boyfriend Michael, who she hasn’t had sex with yet, and to become a teacher). She works at a fancy hotel in Miami Beach while putting herself through school, and she had a crush on the owner’s son Rafael a few years earlier. Through a series of events, Raf’s sister, a gynecologist who’s got emotional and substance abuse issues, accidentally inseminates Jane with Raf’s sperm. And that’s not even getting to any of the good parts! It’s really funny and sweet, the characters are wonderfully fleshed out (especially the female family dynamics of Alba, Xo, and Jane, which I love), and with the “Miami” (aka Manhattan Beach, CA) setting the sets and costumes are beautiful.

The cast from left to right:  Executive Producer Ben Silverman, show runner Jennie Urman, Gina Roderiguez (Jane),  Justin Baldoni (Rafael), Jaime Camil (Rogelio), Andrea Navedo (Xiomara), Ivonne Coll (Alba), Brett Dier (Michael), Yael Grobglas (Petra)

The cast from left to right: Executive Producer Ben Silverman, show runner Jennie Urman, Gina Roderiguez (Jane), Justin Baldoni (Rafael), Jaime Camil (Rogelio), Andrea Navedo (Xiomara), Ivonne Coll (Alba), Brett Dier (Michael), Yael Grobglas (Petra)

But getting back to the panel – I didn’t take many pictures this time around, sorry! I do have some pictures of the cast and all the women were dressed great – Yael Groblas, who plays Petra, was wearing an amazing white jumpsuit; Ivonne Coll, who plays Alba, was wearing a lovely, fitted reddish pink frock, which was a welcome departure from her sort of frumpy abuella clothes on the show; Andrea Navedo, who plays Xo, was in a sort of conservative but cute yellow dress (again, a big departure from Xo, who’s a “hot mom”); Gina Rodriguez was in a cool, white fringed crop with a black skirt; and the show runner, Jennie Snyder, was in a great full-skirted print dress that I wanted to steal.

3.22.PaleyFest three

First of all, let me say that Jennie is awesome! She was funny and cool, she had a great relationship with the actors, and she seemed very genuine and appreciative of her position. I gotta say, it was so lovely to see someone who seemed so nice, normal, and down-to-earth, compared to the people I’m used to in the industry. Actually, the whole cast seemed that way – there was a natural, friendly chemistry they all had with each other, and you could tell they’re all very close. I only remember a few things in particular about the event since I was beyond exhausted at the time, sorry about that! Oh, and I want to say that Jaime Camil was basically Rogelio in real life, which delighted us all. (Hilariously, the moderator said it as “Ro-GEL-ee-oh” like three times, even after the cast said it correctly, until he finally caught himself.)

3.22.PaleyFest gasp

One thing I do remember that got a big laugh was when the cast was answering one of the audience questions, “How has your life changed since getting on the show?” When it was Ivonne’s (Alba) turn, she deadpanned, “Everyone thinks that I’m a actually grandmother.” She also noted that it was funny how she’d spent so much time and money on classes learning how to speak without an accent, and on Jane she only speaks in Spanish! That brought up another little talking point where Gina (Jane) discussed how Jennie the showrunner, who is Caucasian, was great about asking the cast for their experiences, to add authenticity – like when she originally wrote Alba only speaking in Spanish and Xo and Jane responding in English, she was going to change it but the cast assured her that’s how it worked in Hispanic families. It was so wonderful to Jennie using such respect when writing for characters from a culture she isn’t part of – when asked how she does it, she replied that it’s about “writing people, not writing race.”

3.22.PaleyFest smiling

It’s getting a little pricer every year (natch) and they stream each panel now on Yahoo, but I still think it’s a really fun thing to experience in person. If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! See you next time – A x