Cotton Candy Nails

I like to follow a few people on Instagram who have pretty, pastel-hued accounts. I know it’s kind of a cliche – girls with icy pastel hair who wear pale clothes and sip pink tea out of gold tea cups in perfect lighting – but sometimes it’s nice to see some dreamy pics in the middle of the boring work day. One of my favorite accounts is @studiomucci, run by Amina. She has an Etsy store, Studio Mucci, that makes tissue paper tassels, lanterns, and pinatas in pretty, happy color combinations, and paints her life with pastel from her lavender and pink yarn(!) hair to her workspace. A few weeks ago she posted a pic of her mani and I fell in love with it – having something of a pastel moment, myself – so I decided to do a look inspired by hers!

3.31 bottles

First I did two coats of Shelby as my base, then when that dried I took little chunks of a cosmetic sponge held with tweezers, applied Shelby, Sittin’ Pretty, and That’s Shore Bright on each one by one, and gently dabbed them randomly on my nails. This is the method I’ve seen people use for galaxy nails – which I’ve actually never done before, I’m a terrible nail blogger! – and this actually kinda looks like a pastel galaxy, no?

You can see the tail of my pink mermaid tweezers in the background there - very adorable. and goes perfectly with this cutesy mani!

You can see the tail of my pink mermaid tweezers in the background there – very adorable. and goes perfectly with this cutesy mani!

When I’d gotten my random gradient to how I liked it and each nail was dry, I applied a thin layer of Fairy Dust. I only recently picked this up, and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. I have tons of holo glitter toppers, but this one is perfect for anything because it’s micro glitter, so it just adds a light sparkling layer over your nail without requiring tons of top coat to make the surface smooth. I mean, I love my holo toppers like OPI’s Which is Witch? but I haaaate having to put two (or more!) layers of top coat on to get my nails smooth – or at least as smooth as you can get with a chunky glitter.

3.31 around bottle

It’s not exactly like Amina’s – hers looks a bit more purple and has a pinky-gold shimmer on top – but I used the same general concept and I love how it turned out. Never in a million years would I think that I’d like having cutesy pink and lavender nails, but I’m super into it. It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore!

3.31 both hands

What do you think of my fairy nails? Do you follow any pastel princesses on Instagram? And does anyone else own a Studio Mucci garland? (I have one from right before they revamped the store, it’s hanging at work and I love the color combo.) Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, y’all! See you next time – A x


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