KBShimmer Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a review of a few different products to share with you. KBShimmer had a 20% off sale a little while ago, so I decided to finally pull the trigger and scoop up some of their stuff! I love indie polishes but a lot of the time they’re a little more pricy than I want to pay, but even without the sale, I must say, KBShimmer is very affordable – $7.50 for cremes, $8.75 for everything else (including holos)! But I’m trying to not buy much polish lately, so only the sale persuaded me to try some stuff out. I decided to try a new crelly glitter, some decal designs, and a soap! I never see their bath products reviewed anywhere so I wanted to give them a try.

4.1 bottles

KBShimmer has so many fun and gorgeous polishes but I only let myself choose one (I allllllllmost got their supposedly two-coat white creme since I didn’t love bL’s Cotton Buds, but since I’m trying to save $$$ I decided that I’ll just keep using Cottons Buds for now). My recent spring-y mood (despite near 90-degree temps in the last few weeks) led me to choose Cool Hand Cuke. I’ve mentioned before that I love a good polish name – OPI’s make me want to barf and China Glaze’s are occasionally really clever or funny, but basically all of KBShimmer’s names are fab. I mean…”Beach Please”? “Funky Cold Patina”? “Men Are From Mars-ala” (the obligatory Pantone Color of the Year hue)? Although my favorite might be the gray called “My Life’s Porpoise.” They’re cute and pun-y but not cheesy or lame. So right off the bat, Cool Hand Cuke had my heart with that alone!

Sorry, I know my cuticles look super busted in all these photos.

Sorry, I know my cuticles look super busted in all these photos. Also, Bleached in Peach isn’t as orange as this in person, but the formula is terrrrrible – three coats and still some streaks.

I’m not usually a crelly person (the lacquerhead portmanteau for a polish that’s a combo creme/jelly) – I find that even though they’re pretty on, they feel too thick because of the layers you have to do to get them opaque and the amount of glitter, as well. But something about CHC’s soft pastels with fun star and triangle(!) glitter drew me in, and when I unwrapped the polish from its box my jaw dropped – the combination of pastel glitters in different shapes, the pale mint base, and the tons of holo micro glitter (which I somehow missed in the product description, so that was a happy surprise!) was gorgeous! I did have some issues with application, but that was from my own inexperience applying crellies – I loaded up too much glitter, so the end result was a little too lumpy for my liking, plus it was hard to see the glitter pieces clearly since I did semi-thick coats. There’s definitely a learning curve with this kind of polish!

See the white star towards the cuticle on my middle finger? There's star, circle, triangle, AND hex matte glitter in this bad boy!

See the white star towards the cuticle on my middle finger? There’s star, circle, triangle, AND hex matte glitter in this bad boy!

I think next time I might layer CHC over Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet or China Glaze’s Highlight of My Summer – I’m not a huge fan of the super washed-out mint that is CHC’s base color, so maybe layering would make it a little more saturated, and it would be easier to see the different shapes of the glitter if I only did two thin coats instead of three thicker ones. Besides that, I am super into this polish. What is happening to me, with this pastel phase lately?! I’m usually such a brights/neon girl!

My full KBShimmer haul.

My full KBShimmer haul. The red decals are connected lines, the blue is the scalloped design. Sorry, I realize now that it’s hard to see the shape outlines.

I also purchased some of KBShimmer’s decal designs. I am only good at stamping 50% of the time, so my fav way to bring in a little nail art is with tape/decals. It’s so easy and looks awesome, and KBShimmer’s were really great – sturdy but not too thick, easy to peel off, and they have a nice range of designs available. I was particularly excited to see the scallop design, since I love how that looks but I definitely would not have the patience to sit there with my dotting tool and make a hundred perfect little scallops. In addition to the scallops, I got the connected thin/thick lines set. You can use one whole section per nail for uniform stripes or what I will probably end up doing and cut individual stripes out to use. I used a scallop decal on an accent nail for my sister and it was great, easily leaving a nice, crisp line! I’ve only used the soap once, but it was wonderful – not only is the swirly design aesthetically pleasing, but the smell is fantastic (I got Southern Belle, which includes the scents of ginger, peach, mango, clove, citrus, orange blossom, rose, and jasmine) and it left my skin feeling clean and soft, but not dried out like bar soap usually does. I’d definitely get another scent!

Have any of you tried any of KBShimmer’s products? What are your favorites? How’d you like this review? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you next time – A x


3 thoughts on “KBShimmer Review!

  1. Great review! Cool Hand Cuke us not only an interesting name it looks cute on you! I like KBSHIMMER I have a few of their polishes. Most recently on my blog I wore Snow Flaking Way & topcoated it with their topcoat.

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