Orly Key Lime Twist

I’ve recently bought quite a few polishes, oops. But they are so pretty, I couldn’t resist! A few were long-time lemmings of mine, but some were new, like Orly’s Key Lime Twist.

5.12.15 bottles

Key Lime Twist is a pretty unique shade – it’s sort of a soft neon, if that makes sense? I guess the Maybelline term “bleached neon” would fit here – it’s still quite bright, but not a true KAPOW IN YOUR FACE neon. It’s a soft neon yellow with a little green tinge, but not enough to make it chartreuse. It’s a total chameleon, so I took a bunch of pictures to try to capture all its different facets.

In a slightly shaded area behind my work.

Taken in a slightly shaded area.

This took me four coats – I followed Rach’s advice to do one thin coat and two thicker ones, but it was still too streaky so I had to add a fourth. However, I will say that this many coats normally chips super quickly on me, but KLT lasted about three days before I had a tiny chip on my thumb and middle finger, so that’s great! I haven’t worn an Orly in forever, so I can’t remember if I usually get good wear time with them, but this was pretty awesome.

5.12.15 blue light

Above is a picture of how neon KLT really is – in the bluish shade behind my work building, it looks radioactive and positively glows. Below is what it looks like under my daylight bulb in my lightbox – the green disappears and it just looks yellow.

5.12.15 curled up

I loved this color but got a little bored, so I decided to add silver chrome drips! I had to be verrrry careful with this – chrome polishes look amazing but they’re difficult to work with and show every little flaw. I used a dotting tool to get the drips, then used Sterling Silver’s brush to fill in the tops, and I had a little trouble getting the drips to be filled in completely because chromes are so weirddddd but while it doesn’t look amazing here in photos, it really didn’t look that bad in person. I don’t LOVE it, but I think it looks kinda cool. What do you think?

5.12.15 diagonal

If you’re okay doing 3-4 coats, definitely pick up Key Lime Twist – it wore really well and is such a fun, fab color, especially as we roll into the summer months. Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x