ILNP Flakie Swatches

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday weekend (if you’re in the US)! This post should’ve gone up almost a week ago, sorry, I completely spaced! But anyway, in today’s post, I have swatches of two ILNP flakie polishes – Brilliance, a color-shifting multichrome, and Fame, a gold metallic with holographic particles. Let’s dive in, shall we?

5.25.15 bottles

Multichromes look best in the shade, where the full spectrum of their color shifting properties comes out, so I managed to snap some quick pics under a shaded patio table at work. Check out this awesomeness:

5.25.15 Brilliance shade diagonalJPG

I resisted getting Brilliance when I placed my first ILNP flakie order because I already had Nubar 2010, which is a red-orange-gold-green flakie, and I thought they’d be too similar. However, I kept seeing swatches around and still loving it, so when I got an ILNP coupon in my email, I immediately put it in my cart! I’m so glad I did – Brilliance has the same basic color shift spectrum as Nubar 2010, but instead of red it’s a gorgeous rosy pink, plus ILNP’s flakies are metallic whereas previous old-school flakies are translucent, so the finish is different, too.

Tilted up so you can see the green shift.

Tilted up so you can see the green shift. Please excuse the paper cut on my ring finger!

I really like the metallic/more opaque finish of ILNP flakies because it means they’ll show up on a greater variety of base colors – I think Brilliance would pop just as well over a lighter gray than this one (China Glaze’s Recycle), but Nubar 2010 definitely only shows up well over dark hues. Not a big deal, it’s just nice to have more options. Anyway, I’m so glad I eventually got this – it’s gorgeous, you should all get it, the end.

Fame in the shade to show the flakes over a similarly colored and contrasting colored base.

Fame in the shade to show the flakes over a similarly colored and contrasting colored base. Sorry my cleanup sucks, I did these really quickly.

I don’t have anything like Fame and I wanted to experiment, so I’ve shown it here with one layer over OPI’s Glitzerland, a champagne gold, on my pinkie and ring fingers, and one coat over OPI’s A Roll In The Hauge (ARITH), a saturated orange, on my middle and pointer fingers. I’m not sure I love Fame for layering over contorting hues – it looks kinda weird over ARITH to me because even at only one coat the flakes are so dense, and I prefer a more evenly spaced topper. For example, look at the Brilliance swatch above – there’s a pretty even distribution of flakes but also base color showing through, whereas with Fame over ARITH, there’s a lot less orange showing through and it looks “off” to me. But that’s just my preference, some people might like that look. The gold of the flakes and the gold of Glitzerland are basically the same, so that would be great for a quick mani, but I’d like to experiment further and see how many coats it would take for Fame to be opaque on its own.

It was really hard to capture the holo but trust, it was pretty intense and hella sparkly!

It was really hard to capture the holo for some reason but trust, it was pretty intense and hella sparkly!

I will say that I loooove the holo in Fame! ILNP holos are not my fav – holographic polishes come in a range from scattered (i.e. A-England) to super linear (Nfu-Oh) and in that range there’s even more variety, such as Color Club’s holos, which are linear but it’s more fuzzy, if that makes sense? The other ILNP holos I have are an in-between scattered and linear, where the linear rainbow part is comprised of sparse sparkles, which I’m not a fan of. However, Fame really blew me away because it’s a way more…focused linear rainbow? (I am terrible at explaining this.) Whatever it is, I love it. I’m not usually a big gold person, but I seem to be using it a lot in my recent manis, so I’m glad to have this blingy metallic/holo/flakie explosion to add into the mix!

Definitely sign up for ILNP’s email newsletter, I got a random 30% off coupon, which I why I bought these babies. Have you picked up any ILNP polishes lately? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading, and see you next time – A x

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