Neon Watermelon

I think once Memorial Day hits it’s officially summer, right?

It’s been gloriously overcast here lately – “June gloom” has come early this year, I guess – but I was definitely feeling bright summer vibes, so I did a fun neon look this past weekend.

Clockwise from the top: China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts, Zoya Gilda, China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, butter London Cotton Buds

Clockwise from the top: China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts, Zoya Gilda, China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard, butter London Cotton Buds

Last summer I did strawberry nails, which I looooved, so I decided to try out some watermelon nail art, but I wanted to make the colors a little more punchy rather than realistic – hence the neon. This look was surprisingly easy to achieve. First, I used one thick coat of You Drive Me Coconuts (YDMC). I almost just used YDMC by itself but at the last minute I put a coat of Gilda on top to add a little shimmah shimmah.

5.28.15 curled under

After those dried, I swiped a layer of Cotton Buds on in a thick line at the tip of my nail, kinda like a French manicure. Once that dried, I painted on I’m With The Lifeguard (IWTL) a little higher up on top of Cotton Buds, so there was a thin line of white left. I was gonna make little stripes of darker green vertically on top of IWTL to mimic the shading of a watermelon’s rind, but I ended up liking it as is.

5.28.15 angled brush

The finishing touch was to use my tiniest dotting tool and plain black polish to create a line of pointed seeds right under the white. It was kinda hard for me to get them juuuuuuust right, and a few are a little messed up, but you can only see it up close – in general, I think they turned out pretty well! I’m really quite pleased with this whole look – I think this is adorable and I kind of want to recreate it with some of my pastel neons in the future.

5.28.15 bottles in background

Last year I did a whole month of summery nail art, but to be honest, this year I’m feeling kind of lazy, ha. I do have a rough idea for a Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired look, buuuuut we’ll have to see if I’m feeling up to it or not. Lately I’ve been really enjoying just wearing plain manicures (well, okay – more like a few colors on each hand but still, nothing fancy), but I don’t know if anyone would care to see those so I might be posting a little less in the coming weeks. Let me know if you’d still like to see my less exciting manis – or maybe if there’s any kind of simple summery look you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading! See you next time – A x

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