Halloween Mani The First: Eyeballzzz

It’s the first day of my favorite month! October is my favorite month because I love fall and also HALLOWEEN, and while it’s still hot as balls here (grumble grumble), I’ve nonetheless busted out my vampy lipsticks and have had Halloween decor up in my apartment since mid-September. This insidious lingering heat will NOT stop me from celebrating fall and all things spooky, and one of my favorite things to do in October is pull out some fun Halloween-y manicures. This year my sister convinced me to do 13 manicures (inspired by ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween” haaaa), so here goes:

10.01.15 bottles

I was inspired by this mani that I found on Pinterest. I was afraid this would look too cutesy, but I actually really love it! First of all, it’s super easy to do – after two coats of Sinful Color’s Black On Black had dried, I used different sizes of dotting tools dipped in alternating white and yellow (butter LONDON’s Cotton Buds and Zoya’s Pippa) to make pairs of dots to be the eyes, then dipped a toothpick in Black On Black and added tiny dots in each set to be the pupils. I also put the pupils in different places to switch up where the eyes were looking. 👀 Although, what I like most about this mani is that because of the different directions of the eyes, the mani looks the same straight up or upside down.

I didn’t want to do the same thing for my whole hand, so I did two coats of butter LONDON’s Brick Lane on my pinkie and thumb. Brick Lane was one of the polishes from bL’s “Brick Lane” holiday set that I got last year for Christmas, and it’s AWESOME. It’s a burnt orange with subtle (like, invisible unless you’re in direct light) golden shimmer, and almost covers perfectly in one coat. I only have bright oranges, but I’ve totally fallen for this one! It reminds me of mulled cider, fuzzy sweaters, and dead crunchy leaves – so basically, fall in a bottle. Love it!

10.01.15 curled2

This actually wore really well on me, too – almost four days without chipping! I loved it so much I kept this mani on for almost a week, but it kinda messed up my Halloween nail art schedule so now I’m gonna have to play catch-up, whoops. No regrets, though, this design is too fun!

10.01.15 diagonal

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x