Halloween Mani #3: Candy Corn

Earlier this week when I was writing this, it was chilly and rainy outside, I had my Autumn candle from Bath & Bodyworks filling the room with a gorgeous apple/pine/spice scent, and basically everything was cozy and wonderful and it felt like fall was finally here…

…cut to today, when it’s 100 degrees and temps are predicted to be in the 90s for the next week. WHY, GOD? I hope some nice fall weather arrives before too much longer or I’m gonna go crazy. Sigh. Anyway, let’s get to today’s Halloween mani:

Forgot to include butter LONDON's Cotton Buds, my white base.

Forgot to include butter LONDON’s Cotton Buds, my white base.

I used this tutorial from @nailsbycambria because the last time I did candy corn nails, a few years ago, it was a total mess – my lines weren’t crisp, my polish looked chunky from to many layers, ugh. This was much easier, although it still took a little maneuvering to get each stripe of color the same size. I decided to use a brighter orange because it was more fun, but after applying all my polishes I realized that unfortunately Jinx is more coral than orange like I’d thought, so it bothers me a little that the colors aren’t closer, but whatevs.

10.9.15 Fancy Finger Guns curled

Oh man, I really love my Zoya texture polishes – I do get a little tip wear, but otherwise, those suckers don’t budge for days! Even my white base of butter LONDON’s Cotton Buds didn’t immediately chip, which is something of a miracle. This mani was so fun – I got a lot of delighted compliments on it (I guess people really love candy corn?) and I kinda wanted to keep it on for longer but with 13 manicures to get through this month, I really need to hustle through them all.

Sorry about that little nick on my middle finger - I keep forgetting to cover it up in my pics!

Sorry about that little nick on my middle finger – I keep forgetting to cover it up in my pics!

I’m very excited for this weekend – it’s kicking off my Halloween weekends for the rest of the month! This weekend I’m going to see Hocus Pocus at Disney’s El Capitan theater, and I reeeeeeeally hope they’ll have some sort of display or something for it – they often have costumes, props, sketches, etc., from the movies they play on display downstairs, and I’d love to see, say, booooooook! in person. I’ll be obnoxious and take lots of photos I’ll put up next post. Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x


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