Halloween Mani #5: Neon Spiderwebs!

Hi everyone, how’s your week going? It’s still hot as hell in my neck of the woods, and you better believe I’m not gonna be done grumbling about it any time soon. But! I do have a very fun mani to share with you today:

Color Club's Right On, Sally Hansen black striper

Color Club’s Right On, Sally Hansen black striper

I wanted to do something simple for my next look, and I just bought this color so I couldn’t resist using it. Like all neons, it’s difficult to capture accurately on camera, but ughhhh this one is gorgeous, y’all! I can’t decide what this color is, exactly – it’s too purple to be a fuchsia, but too pink to be a true violet? Somewhere in the middle of that is what Right On is, plus some faint lighter blue shimmer, and it’s awesome! I really love shades like this, and it’s an easy two coater.

10.16.15 Fancy Finger Guns curled

I made my spiderweb half moons using a Sally Hansen striper I got on sale a while ago at Target, and was surprised how easy it was to use. The hardest part is making sure there’s just enough polish on make your line perfectly straight and opaque – it took me a while to make sure the polish wouldn’t slide down from the upper part of the striper, making the polish blob onto my nail, or that I wouldn’t take off too much, leaving me with a scratchy line instead of a strong, opaque one. I started with three lines – going straight out from my cuticle, then one on each side more diagonally outward – then connected each line with smaller curved lines to create the “web” effect.

The color is a little blown out here, sorry!

The color is a little blown out here, sorry!

These were so cute, I was sad I couldn’t keep them on longer! But with 13 manis to get through this month, I’ve gotta hustle (although I think I’m falling a little behind already, ahhhhh)! I’m really enjoying almost all of these manis a lot, though – I think I might recreate some next year, with different colors or something. (Of course I’m already be planning stuff for net year’s Halloween!) Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x

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