Halloween Mani #9 – Sparkly Drips!

Hi everyone! Today’s mani was one of the quickest I’ve ever done – thank God for nail decals!

10.26.15 bottles

For the base color, I used two coats of Skull & Glossbones, a dirty light gray from OPI’s 2012 On Stranger Tides collection. I really love this color – the faint green tinge gives it a spooky feel, so it’s perfect for Halloween manicures. The formula is pretty good, too – if you’re careful, you can usually get away with only two coats, which is pretty great for such a light color.

10.26.15 around bottle

For the drips, I wanted to to something a little jazzier than my all-creme version last year, so after I applied my What’s Up Nails drip decals – which also saved me a ton of time, since last year I hand-painted the drips – I quickly applied two thick layers of Orly’s Here Comes Trouble (HCT), an acid green glitter. HCT has a sheer base filled with green micro glitter and larger, scattered hex glitter. It’s a pretty opaque glitter, but definitely needed two coats to make sure there were no sheer areas. After painting on the two coats, I quickly but carefully peeled each decal off, then left about 20 minutes for it to fully dry because of the heavy coats.

10.26.15 tombstone

I loooove how this turned out! I will never get tired of oozy drip nails for Halloween, so don’t be surprised if you see them next year, too! Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with mani #11 tomorrow, see ya then – A x


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