Holiday Nails #1: Green and Glitzy

Hi everyone! I debated doing 12 holiday manis, but the 13 I did for Halloween almost broke me so I’m just gonna see how many I get to, ha. Today I have my first holiday mani of the season, and it’s super simple but definitely blingy – just the way I like it!

OPI's Bring On The Bling and Sinful Colors' San Francisco

OPI’s Bring On The Bling and Sinful Colors’ San Francisco

I started with a base of Sinful Colors’ San Francisco. This color is a classic – probably one of my oldest, and it’s one of the polishes Sinful Colors is known for. The color is soooo gorgeous – it’s a true emerald (unlike Zoya’s Giovanna, which I also love but it definitely leans blue) and has this amazing glow to it.
Unfortunately, the formula kinda sucks – it’s SO sheer at first coat, and if I wasn’t going to cover up my tips with glitter I would’ve needed four coats total to avoid any nail lines showing through. I guess it’s worth it for this gorgeous hue, though!

The glow of San Francisco was SO intense that it freaked out my camera!

The glow of San Francisco was SO intense that it freaked out my camera!

After SF was dry, I did a glitter fade using one of my favorites, OPI’s Bring On The Bling from their Burlesque collection in 2010. I didn’t get this polish then, though – back then, I wasn’t yet the crazy lacquerhead I am today, and thought paying $9 for a nail polish was way too much money. 😂 What a sweet, innocent baby I was! Anyway, a few years later I found this guy and my only other Burlesque polish, Glow Up Already!, for fairly cheap on eBay, and I’m so glad I snatched them up because these glitters are so fun! I don’t usually wear small glitters like this because they’re a bitch to remove, but mannnnn these are so pretty and sparkly! It’s very difficult to make a good fade with glitters that aren’t sparse, though, so this isn’t perfect but I tried my best!

Sorry my hands look so dead - all the bright green was throwing my camera off!

Sorry my hands look so dead – all the bright green was throwing my camera off!

And because I couldn’t resist, here are macros of Bring On The Bling on the nail and in the bottle. See how pretty? It’s mostly champagne-gold glitter, with a generous sprinkling of blue, orange, purple, red, and green glitters, as well. Glow Up Already! has the same multicolored glitter pieces, but its base is mostly light green glitter instead of gold.

Holiday season is already wiping me out – I did a lot of Christmas present shopping this past Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, and am scrambling to finish projects at work and set up hang outs with friends before I fly home. I also scored some major polish deals this weekend, so I might have a quick swatch post with those later on. Did you make any mega deals this year? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x


One thought on “Holiday Nails #1: Green and Glitzy

  1. I hear you on Sinful SF being on the sheer side — there probably are much more opaque green shimmers out there (Zoya Holly, maybe???) but for the price this one can’t be beat. :) Looking forward to seeing all the holiday nail art! After the Halloween manis, you definitely can take it easy.

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