Rainy Day Glitter

Last week we had a full two gloriously rainy day, and I wanted to do a mani to match. I looooove grays and dusty blues on rainy days, so I decided to try out a new Potion Polish with the perfect name and an old favorite cornflower blue.

1.9.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I will probably do a full review post on my three Potion Polish purchases, so for now I’ll just briefly discuss Rainy Day On The Couch. I bought it purely for the name, but once it arrived I was smitten with how it looked in the bottle – the deep gray base is filled with purple shimmer and tiny aqua, navy, and holographic glitter pieces that sparkled as soon as I opened the package and was so freaking gorgeous. When I actually put it on my nails for this mani, the formula was a bit sheer – I assume to ensure that the glitter pieces still showed through the dark gray base – and it didn’t dry matte but it wasn’t shiny, either.

I applied three coats to make sure it was totally opaque, then applied top coat – and there was that sparkle I’d been missing from the bottle! The holographic sparkle doesn’t seem to come through without top coat. I love what’s going on with this polish – it really does evoke the feeling of a rainy day. I can’t quite decide about the purple shimmer, though – I do like it, but I feel like it might not have been necessary? Anyway, this polish is awesome, you should totally scoop it up if you like grays/delicate sparkle.

1.9.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

Electric Beat is an old favorite of mine – from one of my favorite collections, China Glaze’s Electropop in 2012. I own almost all the colors, and with good reason – the colors are fun and the formulas are amazing. Electric Beat is no exception – it’s almost opaque in one coat, the formula is so easy, and the color is a perfect, soft cornflower blue. I used washi tape and Electric Beat to add a little design to my ring finger to tie the look all together, but I feel like grays and dusty blues are always well-matched, especially for a dark and stormy day!


Here’s hoping there’s many more rainy days in our future (the California drought it getting scary). Thanks for reading! See y’all next time – A x

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