Neon Craziness

This mani was obscenely neon – I even had random dudes commenting on it because it was so bright it caught everyone’s eye! I was inspired by a contest Melt Cosmetics was having on Instagram – they’re releasing another one of their famous eye shadows stacks, this time in eye-searing pink, orange, yellow, and green, and had a giveaway that involved posting your best “radioactive” look on IG. I was a little stuck on color combos, so I decided to use theirs and run with it!

I couldn't find my bottle of China Glaze's Sun-Kissed, so this neon yellow Essie is standing in.

I couldn’t find my bottle of China Glaze’s Sun-Kissed, so this neon yellow Essie is standing in.

I was a little bummed because I’d forgotten that the ultra-neon Warhol and Lava Lamp don’t blend well in gradients, so the gradients weren’t as smooth as I prefer on my middle fingers, but this was still a super fun look! (Note: my skin looks super dead in these photos, but I couldn’t really edit them at all because it took away from the fabulous neon-ness of these polishes.)

 Guys, I am SO sorry about the state of my cuticles in these pics! I didn't realize they looked this bad until I posted these.

Guys, I am SO sorry about the state of my cuticles in these pics! I didn’t realize they looked this bad until I posted these.

Besides the gradients on my middle fingers, I used some neon studs from Born Pretty Store over I’m With The Lifeguard (pinkie) and Sun-Kissed (pointer) to still use all four colors but in a different way. On my thumb I tried a weird pseudo-gradient by putting small dots of colors on my sponge and dabbing it over white, but since Lava Lamp and Warhol don’t blend that well, it kinda looked weird. Oh well, ya gotta experiment sometimes!

1.30.16 Fancy Finger Guns neon curled

All these colors are over one thick coat of butter LONDON’s Cotton Buds. People usually layer neons over white using the excuse that it makes them “pop” more, but I feel like if it doesn’t look eye-searing unless it’s over white, it’s not neon. All the colors I used here are definitely neon – Sun-Kissed and I’m With The Lifeguard look exactly the same with one coat over a white base as they do 3-4 coats on their own, but since I started late at night, I didn’t want to wait for all those coats to dry. Warhol and Lava Lamp are extremely pigmented for neons – Lava Lamp barely needs two coats! (This is probably why they don’t blend well in gradients.) If you’re craving a truly cornea-burning neon pink or orange, those two are your best bet.

1.30.16 Fancy Finger Guns neon around bottle

Two weeks ago, I was able to go to the newest (and hardest to get into) LA museum, The Broad. It’s a free museum, so it booked up as soon as it opened in September and we had to reserve our tickets in November for our January date! Located downtown, The Broad houses what used to be Eli and Edythe Broad’s personal art collection – when they moved to LA in the 1960s, Edythe began to collect modern art, soon Eli shared her passion, and they eventually ran out of room in their home for any more pieces, so they began loaning them out to museums. The Broad was created last year to keep their collection all in one place.

My – and probably everyone’s – favorite was Balloon Dog (Blue) by Jeff Koons, the giant, metallic balloon dog on the second floor. I also loved his Rabbit, a silver metallic rabbit whose reflective property reminded me of the Millennium Bean in Chicago. (I couldn’t get a good photo because there was some obnoxious couple taking 10,000 selfies in front of it, so here’s a link.) Other favorites of mine are below:

The Disney Concert Hall is right next door to The Broad – and as I learned from the video I watched there, the concert hall was built with fundraising efforts from Eli and Edythe Broad and was created by the same architect the Broads used for their museum and their house, Frank Gehry. It’s sculptural and gorgeous, and you can wander around outside when you’re done with your museum trip.

Thanks for reading! I just got some goodies in the mail from Cirque Polish, so I’ll probably have a mani up with one of those polishes in the next few days. Thanks for reading – A x

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