Summery Pink and Green

Hi everyone! It feels like I just used the Moroccan decals from What’s Up Nails, but I was dying to use them again, and I used a really fun color combo that resulted in a mani that I didn’t want to take off (and surprisingly lasted almost a week!).

3.7.16 Fancy Fingerg Guns bottles

I haven’t bought very many mainstream nail polishes lately…they just aren’t really grabbing me. Or, if I like a color, I don’t like it enough to actually buy it. But late last year I found Be More Pacific and another color from that 2014 Off Shore collection (Float On, which I got just for the name) super cheap on eBay, so I purchased them. This is the first time I’ve worn Be More Pacific and ugh the formula is terrible, y’all! This was three coats on most nails (four on one or two) because it was super streaky, so frustrating. But the color….oh man, do I love the color! The photos here aren’t accurate – no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the true pale lime green hue to come out, so it looks more blue-toned/minty but it’s definitely yellow-toned in person. I love these kinds of greens, so this guy stays in my collection despite the shitty formula.

3.7.16 Fancy Fingerg Guns around bottle

I used these Moroccan decals not too long ago, but I couldn’t resist throwing them on again because I love them! All-over decal designs like this are hard – you have to peel them off quickly but not too quickly, lest the polish smear and ruin the crisp lines of the design, and while one or two of these guys didn’t turn out perfectly, for the most part these look really great! Since the length of my nail means I only use up a little over half of one decal, I cut off a piece with no residual polish and applied them to my pinkie, pointer, and thumb cuticles to vary the look a little. I used Color Club’s Warhol to go over the decals because I thought the super saturated magenta would look great with BMP’s light green, and I think is looks so fun and summery!

3.7.16 Fancy Fingerg Guns diagonal

Despite the 3 coats of BMP, two coats of top coat (once to seal BMP before the decal and again to top the whole look), and one thick coat of Warhol, this surprisingly lasted almost the entire week on my nails! This is day 4, I think, and I’ve only got one little chip on my thumb. Sorcery! Usually when I have lots of layers of polish like that it chips instantly, so this is crazy wear time.

3.7.16 Fancy Fingerg Guns curled

I’ve been craving nothing but blues lately, so I was trying to break out of that with this mani. But now I’m wanting to put another blue back on! Hmmmm must troll Pinterest for more color ideas…by the way, due to a weird issue, I can’t log into my original Fancy Finger Guns Pinterest account, so I created a new one: I’m going to be going through my polish collection this weekend and re-organizing and purging, which means I’ll be updating the boards that have swatches of colors I own sorted by brand, so be sure to check that out next week! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend. See you next time – A x

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