Tropical Aqua and Lime

I used to love wearing two different nail colors on each hand – one color on my left, one color on my right. I realized the other day that I haven’t done that in forever, so I pulled out some of my brightest and happiest colors to do just that!

(Sorry my lighting is a little weird in these pics - I still don't have my lightbox yet (nowhere to put it right now) and I was rushing to take these pics before the sun totally went away, hence the blue tint.)

(Sorry my lighting is a little weird in these pics – I still don’t have my lightbox yet (nowhere to put it right now) and I was rushing to take these pics before the sun totally went away, hence the blue tint.)

Blue-Ming is the prettiest aqua blue, but the formula sucks (like most pastel neon colors). It also chips really quickly on me, but the color is to die. I used two of my dotting tools to make the curved line of dots – first I added a few bigger dots, then I filled in the rest of the space with smaller dots. I ended up wanting to add some gold, too, so I just put it over a few existing green dots.

4.30.16 Fancy Finger Guns left

The green polish featured here is from Lime Crime. I know it’s a terrible company, but I bought this polish, Pastelchio, and the purple, Lavendairy, years ago, before I really knew much about the company. Last year (or was it 2014?) was that awful incident where lots of people got their credit cards ripped off because Lime Crime didn’t want to put better security measures in effect (i.e. they were being cheap), and that’s when I found out about the whole host of other shitty practices Lime Crime had engaged in the past. I do have a few more products from them – a few eyeliners and a liquid lipstick – but again, I got them a few years ago before I knew of any issues, and I’m going to keep using them because I really like the formula and the colors, but I won’t be repurchasing (I believe China Glaze has colors that dupe both the green and purple that I own, anyway). Okay, rant over!

4.30.16 Fancy Finger Guns right

I really love the color combo of aqua, lime, and gold, and Honey Ryder is the perfect gold – not too yellow, not to champagne-y, and with just the right metallic sheen. It’s no secret that I love OPI’s texture polishes, and this is one of my favorites. I’m weird about golds, so the fact that this is my preferred hue AND it’s a texture? Yas, yas, yas!

4.30.16 Fancy Finger Guns both

I hope you liked this look! It was a lot of fun, and it got me some compliments, which is always nice. I haven’t been feeling very nail art-y lately, so I’m going to participate in a nail art challenge I found on Instagram in May to try to get me back into it, which means lots of posts this month! Thanks for reading, see you guys soon with my first challenge – A x

Nail Quickies: Pink and Blue

Hello, friends! I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, since my nails are still too short for my liking and my cuticles refuse to look good, but what the heck? I’ve been a little bored with polish lately and just doing one color, so I tried to mix things up a little with this mani.

4.20.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

So…I didn’t end up loving this look. The decals I used on my middle finger weren’t spaced properly enough (I hate that little part at my cuticle and the zig zag nearest my tip is too big compared to the others) and the dry brush I did on my pinkie didn’t turn out as cool as I would’ve liked, but I still really like this color combo.

4.20.16 Fancy Finger Guns curled under

The pink, Orly’s Risky Behavior, is more blue-toned/magenta in person, but it kept coming out very hot pink in my photos. It’s very vibrant and pretty, though! I saw it on sale for 97 cents at Ulta and couldn’t resist. The formula was great, too – two easy coats.

4.20.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

I actually really love how my thumb turned out – I guess using a metallic as one of the brush strokes looks way better than using it as a base? I felt like the colors didn’t really pop on my pinkie, but it looks great on my thumb. Ah well, lesson learned!

4.20.16 Fancy Finger Guns thumb

Thanks for reading! See ya next time – A x

A-England Wuthering Heights

Hi everyone! How’s your week going? Mine has been okay, except for the tragedy that has struck my nails – I rarely get breaks, but my middle finger on my left hand (the one I show in photos) had a weird chunk of nail broken off the tip, so I had to file it down, and now my pointer nail has the beginning of a break, and it’s REAL low, so I’m kind nervous because it’ll definitely hurt if it rips off. Sigh. My nails do grow pretty quickly, but I may not be able to post for a little while because these breaks are pretty bad. So today I’ve got the last mani I had on before The Break Attack: A-England’s Wuthering Heights.

4.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottle

This is from the A-England collection based on – obviously – Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë’s book which took me three weeks to slog through in high school because I hated it so much. I feel like you’re either a WH fan or a Jane Eyre fan, and I am definitely more a Jane girl (although Mr. Rochester can suck it), although there was an article on the The Toast a while back (can’t find it now…?) framing WH as a horror story instead of the great love story it’s come to be known for, and it got me kinda has me wanting to read it again, keeping that different perspective in mind. Anyway, I really liked a lot of the polishes in the collection, and eventually snatched up two, Spirit of the Moors (a gorgeous cobalt with scattered holo I’ll wear son) and Wuthering Heights, named after the home of Cathy and Heathcliff.

4.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

I wore this last year (with another A-England polish, Sleeping Palace), and I loved it just as much this time. The formula is great – most nails only needed one coat – and the color is a fantastic stormy lavender-gray that totally evokes the moody moors where the novel takes place. It has a weak, very scattered holographic shimmer – A-England’s trademark – so it’s difficult to see unless you’re in direct light, so it gives the polish a lovely depth. You can see the holo better in that previous post I linked to above; these photos I took on an overcast day, which seemed to match the mood of the polish.

Let's pretend we can't see how bad my cuticles still, are, k?

Let’s pretend we can’t see how bad my cuticles still, are, k?

I hope to be back with some fun new manis soon! If not, I might just do some favorites round ups or something, just to have content in the interim. As always, thank you so much for reading! See you next time – A x

Tricky Green

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve had a great week as it winds down today. I, for one, am very excited for the weekend – there’s something called the Cherry Blossom Festival happening in downtown Nashville this weekend, among other things I’m excited to try out this weekend in my new city. I will report back next week with deets! Today I’ve got some simple but fun nails to show you, starring a polish that was a bitch and a half to photograph.

4.8.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

So. China Glaze’s Treble Maker. I’ve used it once before on this blog as an accent color, but this was the first time I’ve worn it as a full mani. I love the color – it’s not often you see a neon(wish) green leaning blue instead of yellow. I mean, I love me a yellow-toned green (if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you already know that), but it’s cool to see a bright blue-toned hue. This polish isn’t really neon – photos try to make it look neon, and it certainly is bright, but it’s not actually neon.

4.8.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

I named this polish “tricky” because every time I tried to slightly edit a photo to make the green match how it looks in real life, it got pushed over the edge to looking neon. It was very frustrating for me, because I hate when I can’t show polishes’ true colors in photos. I also tried to take photos on a more fun background, but when I did that, my skin looked super dead because of how bright Treble Maker is, and Treble Maker got super blown out if I tried to tweak the color at all, and ugh everything about photographing this was so annoying!

4.8.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

Aside from photography issues, oh man, do I love this color! I wanted to add a little something extra, so I swiped some of American Apparel’s Galaxy, a chunky rainbow glitter in a clear base, onto a piece of paper, then picked out pieces one of one with my dotting tool to place them on my nails. This is my first American Apparel polish – I’ve only seen/heard raves about them from nail bloggers, but by the time I actually went into one to check the polishes out, I already had such a huge collection that nothing really stood out to me. I got Galaxy because I had popped into one with a friend and they were having a sale on polishes, and I knew I could use the glitter for nail art – and sure enough, I did!

Forgive my cuticles - I haven't been good about moisturizing them, sorry!

Forgive my cuticles – I haven’t been good about moisturizing them, sorry!

On another polish-related note…guys, I FINALLY got my Helmer built, and she is a thing of beauty!

I need to reorganize them again at some point – I mentioned previously that I tried to keep my polishes organized when packing for the move, but at a certain point I was just packing them willy-nilly so some stuff got mixed up – but it is SO NICE to not have them hidden away in shameful (yet cute) plastic shoeboxes, but all together in a nice little unit. I think I’m going to have to put some textured contact paper down so they don’t slide around, and I have to be SUPER careful when pulling the drawers out because it will totally fall out, but I’m so happy I finally have a polish Helmer! I feel like a real nail blogger now. :)

In Which My Obsession with Blue Continues…

Hello, everyone! How’s your week starting off? It’s actually a gorgeous day here – sunny and breezy, and not humid yet! This won’t be a super exciting post but I still haven’t unpacked my polishes (whoops) so I have limited options, plus I’m still head over heels with OPI’s Gelato On my Mind, so there wasn’t really a question of what to put on my nails next.

4.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I just used Gelato On My Mind in the previous post, but suffice to say, if you love these kind of blues, you NEED this polish. It’s just such a refreshing pale aqua shade – not powdery baby blue, which I’m not a huge fan of, but slightly more green-toned – and is a two-coater if you’re careful, which is amazing for a pastel polish.

4.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

I did want to add a little something extra, so I put a coat of Sally Hansen’s Open Mica Night (OMN) on top. OMN has a slightly thick base, so you do have to put a little work in to make sure you get enough glitter on each nail/that it gets placed evenly enough, but I’m a sucker for square glitter, so I love it. It wasn’t totally smooth after one layer of top coat because my finagling to get glitter distributed evenly made the thick base have weird little bumps and lumps, but it wasn’t too bad. And it was VERY sparkly and fun in the sun!

You can see little bubbles in the top coat (or maybe OMN's base?) here that aren't visible to the naked eye, so weird!

You can see little bubbles in the top coat (or maybe OMN’s base?) here that aren’t visible to the naked eye, so weird!

Thanks for reading! See ya next time – A x