Springy Nails

Due to moving, I haven’t had my nails painted in AGES – I threw on Funky Fingers’ Sand and Stilettos, a present from my buddy Rach, for Vegas at the start of our road trip, but I didn’t want to take anything out once it was packed, so I endured chipped nails for a week before I was able to remove them entirely and then I was just too busy to put anything else on. But this week, inspired by the lovely spring happening in Nashville (my first spring, sort of! I have lived in Florida and California, neither of which have actual seasons, so seeing pretty flowering trees and soft new grass everywhere is kind of blowing my mind), I did a lovely pastel mani.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I had no pastel pink polish (not a fan of baby pinks at ALL), but luckily my Walmart had Sally Hansen’s Hard-Core Party for 99 cents. The formula was predictably terrible – very streaky and sheer, even at 3 coats – but it was so cheap, I’ll keep it in case I have pastel mani needs in the future. Luckily, all the other polishes were an easy 2 coats.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles curled

I also attempted a new nail art technique for this mani – splattering with a toothbrush. I realized later that most people do this with acrylic paint, which is probably why mine was kind of a fail. I tried to thin the polish (Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, a super reflective silver) with a little water before dipping my toothbrush in it, but it still didn’t do more than teeny tiny flecks when I ran my thumbnail across the bristles. Oh well. I do like the effect, it’s just kind of hard to see in photos since it was so subtle.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles diagonal

As I said, I haven’t done my nails in forever, but apparently my blue obsession is still going strong. I’ve gotten very into green with my decorating – my new bedroom is evolving into lots of mint, kelly green, and aqua – but I ended up doing a full mani of just OPI’s Gelato On My Mind after this mani chipped because UGH LOOK AT IT. It’s such a perfect pale robin’s egg blue and shockingly has a great formula for a pastel. Man, I love it so much.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

Ahhhhh it was so nice to have pretty nails again! I need to build my new lightbox, but I’ve got other stuff going on so my next few photos might just be outside like these until then, so I can get back onto a regular posting schedule. I still need to unravel all my polishes, though, so we shall see how that goes, ha. Thanks for reading! See ya next time – A x

I’m Back!

Hello, dear readers! I apologize for my absence – I did start a blog post to explain why I’d be gone for a while, but then I got so busy with packing and everything that I totally forgot to finish it, and then I just realized I haven’t posted ANYTHING for almost a month. The reason for that is because I moved! I’ve left Los Angeles and California for lovely Nashville, TN, and oh man, does it feel good. I’ve been wanting to move out of LA for a long time and a few months ago everything kind of came together, so I (and my sister, who I’m living with in Nashville, too) decided Nashville was a good choice and began the process of moving. It was super stressful choosing a place to live without seeing it in person, finding movers, and just dealing with the thousand little things you have to do when you move anywhere – let alone cross-country – but we’re in our new place, the movers finally arrived with our stuff this week, and it’s beginning to feel like home!

We arrived last Thursday (I can’t believe it’s barely been a full week since we arrived!) after a few days on the road with our family – since my sister and I both had to bring our cars, we decided to do a little road trip and hit up Vegas and the Grand Canyon, neither of which our family had gone to before, before hauling ass to Tennessee. I’ve got a little photo gallery below of our journey if you’re interested! It actually wasn’t too bad of a trip – the Grand Canyon was unexpectedly slammed, so it took an hour of waiting in line just to get into the park, and we hit some scary intense winds in New Mexico and Oklahoma, but luckily just missed some storms so we had pretty great weather the whole time. Other than that, it was podcasts and traveling on I-40 for 2,000 miles, and it wasn’t too bad! Our family got to spend a few days in Nashville before they flew back home, and they really enjoyed it (especially the food!), so overall the trip was a success!

My fellow lacquer-heads might be wondering how did I move my *mumbley amount of* polishes cross-country? To transport my babies – aka my polishes – I wrapped each one in tissue paper for protection and put them back in the plastic shoeboxes they were housed in at my LA apartment. As there are no IKEAs in Tennessee, I picked up a Helmer at the Burbank IKEA but left it in the box so the movers could put it on the truck. I’m very excited to finally have a Helmer, but super not looking forward to putting it together, ugh. Anyway, I stacked the shoeboxes next to and on top of each other in my trunk and packed other stuff around them, and they were totally fine the whole way! I was afraid they might get weird from heat or something, but since we were traveling in March, it wasn’t too hot out yet and even when we stopped at hotels, it was pretty overcast so the sun wasn’t beating down on our cars. Success! The unfortunate thing now it that I have to unravel allllllllll my polishes because some got mixed up – I was just racing to get them all packed before we left – and I’m not sure what’s what. So that’ll be my task this weekend.

I don’t want this to get too long, so I’m going to post again later today with some actual nail photos, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for being so patient during my absence, I’m going to try to get back to a regular posting schedule as soon as I build my new lightbox (my previous one was made out of a cardboard box, so I just trashed it before moving and now I need to make a new one)! See ya soon – A x