May Nail Art Challenge #3: Sunset!

Hello, friends! I hope your weekend is going wonderfully. Today was really warm but breezy and gorgeous so I’ve been outdoors almost all day, and I have a friend in town, so it’ll be fun to show her the honky tonks on Lower Broadway tonight! Before that, though, I wanted to get this post up!

From bottom: China Glaze Son Of A Peach, Neon & On & On, You Drive Me Coconuts, Morgan Taylor Anime-zing Color

From bottom: China Glaze Son Of A Peach, Neon & On & On, You Drive Me Coconuts, Morgan Taylor Anime-zing Color

I was a little lazy with this prompt – I was going to do something more interesting than “tropical sunset,” which basically everyone does, but…I wasn’t feeling doing anything too involved, and gradients are already a decent amount of cleanup, so here we are. I almost used all China Glaze polishes, but at the last minute I remembered the faboosh almost-neon purple of my Morgan Taylor Anime-Zing color, so I threw that guy into the mix!

5.7.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

I did something I almost never do and did a white base before sponging on my gradients. I don’t generally like doing a white base – it’s too easy for the white to peek out along your cuticle, which bothers me to no end, so I usually just do a base coat of the lightest color – but I couldn’t tell which color would be lightest so I decided white would be easiest. I wish I had managed to blend the purple in a bit better, but I think this is a super fun combo, and it was BRIGHT. It’s difficult to capture neons on camera – and every time I managed to brighten the other neons to their full brightness, Son Of A Peach came out too yellow, which is why these photos are a bit dark – but if you’re looking for a fun not-highlighter-yellow neon, any of these will do (although be warned: they chip quickly, sometimes within 24 hours :/).

5.7.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal bottles

Doesn’t this make you want to have a fruity drink on the beach? Mm I might go make one right now! Thanks for reading! See you in a few days for my next challenge – A x

May Nail Art Challenge #2: Dots!

[Apologies – this post was supposed to go up on May 4, the date of the second prompt, but it didn’t post for some reason, so today is going to be a double post as I upload this late!]

Hi everyone! How’s your week going? It’s been deliciously overcast and rainy here this week, which of course I am loving! It partly inspired today’s manicure, since I wanted something a bit darker than the brights I’ve been obsessed with lately.

5.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

As I said in my last post, all this month I’m doing manis based off prompts from a nail art challenge I found on Instagram, and today’s prompt is dots. I feel like I’ve been doing dots a lot lately, so I wanted to do something a little different, and I love doing designs at my cuticle, so I decided to do a little dot pyramid.

5.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

The base is OPI’s Amazon, AmazOFF (sigh…those OPI names, man). I really love this color – it’s a gorgeous, saturated jungle green and I can’t get enough, despite usually preferring more yellow-toned greens. The formula was great, too, so definitely pick this one up if you want to add a deep green to your collection! For the design, I didn’t really know what I was going for, so I just kind started playing around, and I really like the idea of it, although my execution was a bit shitty (partly because I smudged two of my nails and had to try to salvage them, blerg). I knew I wanted to do something at the cuticle, so I used my largest dotting tool for one dot, then did some smaller ones surrounding it. I used my tiniest dotting tool to do the gold of the outer dots, and I should’ve used it to do the gold dot in the middle of the biggest one, but I used my big tool and thus covered up way more of Warhol than I wanted. Oh well, it’s not too bad for just winging it!

5.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this look, and I’ll be back in a few days with the next prompt. See you next time – A x