May Nail Art Challenge #9: Mani You’ve Never Posted Before

Hello, all! This post was supposed to go up a few days ago, but I was out of town, sorry about that! I’m happy to get it in just under the wire (I totally woke up thinking today was June 1), though!

My right hand came out a little bit better than my left, which had more black than I preferred.

My right hand came out a little bit better than my left, which had more black than I preferred.

I forgot to take a polish bottle photo, but I’ve featured China Glaze’s Too Yacht To Handle (TYTH) so. many. times. on this blog, I think you know what it looks like! This mani is from a few weeks ago – I did it on a whim just to try out the turquoise nails technique, then it came out amazing and I was mad at myself for not taking photos of the process. I almost went with a more true-to-life turquoise color for this, buttttttt I can never resist TYTH’s neon allure.

So prettyyyyyyyy!

So prettyyyyyyyy!

I will probably do a photo tutorial for this technique at some point, but the basic steps are: 1. Paint on your base turquoise color. 2. Take a balled-up piece of plastic wrap, dab it in a little gold nail polish, and gently and sparingly sponge gold onto different spots on each nail. 3. In a cup of room-temp water, add one drop of black nail polish, spray perfume or alcohol into the spread-out drop (so it gets a spotted look), then place your finger into the water nail-first. 4. Use a Q-tip to gather up the rest of the black polish still floating on the surface, remove your finger, clean up the excess black with polish remover, and add top coat. 5. Voila! Nails that look like a turquoise stone!

MAN did I love these nails! I always love TYTH, but the turquoise stone look was really cool. I want to try it again with a lighter color turquoise – hopefully having a color that reuiqres less coats means it won’t chip as quickly as this did (as I say for all my posts featuring China Glaze’s Sensational pastel neons – the colors are amazing, the formulas are crap). Anyway, that wraps up my May nail art challenge! The group where I got this challenge from on Instagram, @clairestelle8challenge, already has up another one for June, and I like a lot of those prompts, so I think I’m gonna do it again for June! I really like someone else giving me a broad idea that I can just run with, and I already have some ideas brewing! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again in a few days with the first challenge for June – A x

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