July Nail Art Challenge #2: Dry Brush

I haven’t done a dry brush in forever, I forgot how fun and easy they are!

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

My sister chose the color combo – pale pink and cobalt – because sometimes I get way too overwhelmed with all the choices/possible combos and just can’t deal, ha. I did a base of MBSW because my Fourth of July mani made me remember how awesome it is as a canvas for nail art.

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

I’m not sure how I feel about the final result. I think the color combo looks very ’80s… Seriously, doesn’t this remind you of like, those satiny pale pink couches, neon light accents, and sketched lady art that was weirdly popular back in the day? I think if I had used a navy instead of royal blue it wouldn’t be so bad, but now I can’t un-see how ’80s it is! It’s making me want to watch Back to the Future or Miami Vice or something.

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns vertical

I wasn’t a huge fan of this, as you might be able to tell, so this will be a super quick post! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time – A x

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