July Nail Art Challenge #4: Inspired By Fabric

Ahhh sorry this is so late! I thought I had posted this already. I didn’t think I’d like this prompt very much, but I ended up loving the result!

Sally Hansen Color Foil in Liquid Gold and Sephora by OPI in XOX Betsey

Sally Hansen Color Foil in Liquid Gold and Sephora by OPI in XOX Betsey

I’ve recently started to really like these headbands that Forever 21 sells with the little bow at the front. There’s dozens of designs and they look cute worn lots of different ways, plus the bow isn’t too fluffy or big so I don’t look like an eight-year-old. I admit that I’ve always loved headbands since Blair Waldorf had them as an essential part of her wardrobe, and I’m definitely getting back into them again!

7.17.16 Fancy Finger Guns around headband

This didn’t turn out perfectly – I’m not a wizard at freehanding like some nail artists – but I really liked how this ended up. I love that the stars on this headband are the more pointy kind, like the Christmas star, instead of the traditional even, five-pointed star, and although my detail brush and the gold polish I used didn’t ensure that my stars turned out perfectly (the brush kinda sucks and the gold Color Foil streaked), I love how they look with the scattered dots. The pink polish, Sephora by OPI’s XOX Betsey, isn’t an exact match for the blush pink of the headband, but as someone who’s not a light pink person, I’m just happy I found something in my collection that’s semi-close!

7.17.16 Fancy Finger Guns straight

I hope you liked this mani as much as I did! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

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