July Nail Art Challenge #4: Inspired By Fabric

Ahhh sorry this is so late! I thought I had posted this already. I didn’t think I’d like this prompt very much, but I ended up loving the result!

Sally Hansen Color Foil in Liquid Gold and Sephora by OPI in XOX Betsey

Sally Hansen Color Foil in Liquid Gold and Sephora by OPI in XOX Betsey

I’ve recently started to really like these headbands that Forever 21 sells with the little bow at the front. There’s dozens of designs and they look cute worn lots of different ways, plus the bow isn’t too fluffy or big so I don’t look like an eight-year-old. I admit that I’ve always loved headbands since Blair Waldorf had them as an essential part of her wardrobe, and I’m definitely getting back into them again!

7.17.16 Fancy Finger Guns around headband

This didn’t turn out perfectly – I’m not a wizard at freehanding like some nail artists – but I really liked how this ended up. I love that the stars on this headband are the more pointy kind, like the Christmas star, instead of the traditional even, five-pointed star, and although my detail brush and the gold polish I used didn’t ensure that my stars turned out perfectly (the brush kinda sucks and the gold Color Foil streaked), I love how they look with the scattered dots. The pink polish, Sephora by OPI’s XOX Betsey, isn’t an exact match for the blush pink of the headband, but as someone who’s not a light pink person, I’m just happy I found something in my collection that’s semi-close!

7.17.16 Fancy Finger Guns straight

I hope you liked this mani as much as I did! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

July Nail Art Challenge #2: Dry Brush

I haven’t done a dry brush in forever, I forgot how fun and easy they are!

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

My sister chose the color combo – pale pink and cobalt – because sometimes I get way too overwhelmed with all the choices/possible combos and just can’t deal, ha. I did a base of MBSW because my Fourth of July mani made me remember how awesome it is as a canvas for nail art.

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

I’m not sure how I feel about the final result. I think the color combo looks very ’80s… Seriously, doesn’t this remind you of like, those satiny pale pink couches, neon light accents, and sketched lady art that was weirdly popular back in the day? I think if I had used a navy instead of royal blue it wouldn’t be so bad, but now I can’t un-see how ’80s it is! It’s making me want to watch Back to the Future or Miami Vice or something.

7.6.16 Fancy Finger Guns vertical

I wasn’t a huge fan of this, as you might be able to tell, so this will be a super quick post! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time – A x

In Which My Obsession with Blue Continues…

Hello, everyone! How’s your week starting off? It’s actually a gorgeous day here – sunny and breezy, and not humid yet! This won’t be a super exciting post but I still haven’t unpacked my polishes (whoops) so I have limited options, plus I’m still head over heels with OPI’s Gelato On my Mind, so there wasn’t really a question of what to put on my nails next.

4.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I just used Gelato On My Mind in the previous post, but suffice to say, if you love these kind of blues, you NEED this polish. It’s just such a refreshing pale aqua shade – not powdery baby blue, which I’m not a huge fan of, but slightly more green-toned – and is a two-coater if you’re careful, which is amazing for a pastel polish.

4.4.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

I did want to add a little something extra, so I put a coat of Sally Hansen’s Open Mica Night (OMN) on top. OMN has a slightly thick base, so you do have to put a little work in to make sure you get enough glitter on each nail/that it gets placed evenly enough, but I’m a sucker for square glitter, so I love it. It wasn’t totally smooth after one layer of top coat because my finagling to get glitter distributed evenly made the thick base have weird little bumps and lumps, but it wasn’t too bad. And it was VERY sparkly and fun in the sun!

You can see little bubbles in the top coat (or maybe OMN's base?) here that aren't visible to the naked eye, so weird!

You can see little bubbles in the top coat (or maybe OMN’s base?) here that aren’t visible to the naked eye, so weird!

Thanks for reading! See ya next time – A x

Springy Nails

Due to moving, I haven’t had my nails painted in AGES – I threw on Funky Fingers’ Sand and Stilettos, a present from my buddy Rach, for Vegas at the start of our road trip, but I didn’t want to take anything out once it was packed, so I endured chipped nails for a week before I was able to remove them entirely and then I was just too busy to put anything else on. But this week, inspired by the lovely spring happening in Nashville (my first spring, sort of! I have lived in Florida and California, neither of which have actual seasons, so seeing pretty flowering trees and soft new grass everywhere is kind of blowing my mind), I did a lovely pastel mani.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I had no pastel pink polish (not a fan of baby pinks at ALL), but luckily my Walmart had Sally Hansen’s Hard-Core Party for 99 cents. The formula was predictably terrible – very streaky and sheer, even at 3 coats – but it was so cheap, I’ll keep it in case I have pastel mani needs in the future. Luckily, all the other polishes were an easy 2 coats.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles curled

I also attempted a new nail art technique for this mani – splattering with a toothbrush. I realized later that most people do this with acrylic paint, which is probably why mine was kind of a fail. I tried to thin the polish (Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, a super reflective silver) with a little water before dipping my toothbrush in it, but it still didn’t do more than teeny tiny flecks when I ran my thumbnail across the bristles. Oh well. I do like the effect, it’s just kind of hard to see in photos since it was so subtle.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles diagonal

As I said, I haven’t done my nails in forever, but apparently my blue obsession is still going strong. I’ve gotten very into green with my decorating – my new bedroom is evolving into lots of mint, kelly green, and aqua – but I ended up doing a full mani of just OPI’s Gelato On My Mind after this mani chipped because UGH LOOK AT IT. It’s such a perfect pale robin’s egg blue and shockingly has a great formula for a pastel. Man, I love it so much.

4.1.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

Ahhhhh it was so nice to have pretty nails again! I need to build my new lightbox, but I’ve got other stuff going on so my next few photos might just be outside like these until then, so I can get back onto a regular posting schedule. I still need to unravel all my polishes, though, so we shall see how that goes, ha. Thanks for reading! See ya next time – A x

A Little Glitter to Bling In The New Year

Hello, lovely readers! I’ve got a subtle look for my first official Fancy Finger Guns mani of the year, using one of my old favorites.

My bottle of Frisky has been used in a lot of splatter manis, hence the polish all over the bottle!

My bottle of Frisky has been used in a lot of splatter manis, hence the polish all over the bottle!

I can’t believe I’ve only used Frisky only once before on this blog, since it’s one of my very favorite polishes. Frisky was part of a mini collection from Orly in 2011 (!) called Happy Go Lucky, and I own three of the four polishes in that collection – Frisky, Fresh, and Frolic (although Frolic sadly has faded at time to a weird pinkish hue) – and I love them. Orly is probably the polish brand I have the least amount of, but they’re really great formulas and wear really well on me, I should get more! (Jk, the last thing I need is more nail polish.)

I apologize for the weird skin thing on my pointer finger!  My cuticles are going crazy lately.

I apologize for the weird skin thing on my pointer finger! My cuticles are going crazy lately.

Anyway, Frisky is one of my favorite polishes ever. The formula is wonderful – almost opaque in one coat and it looks like it might dry weird but it self-levels like a dream – and I love the hue, bright sky blue with just the tiniest hint of green, but not enough to call it aqua. So pretty!

1.5.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

I used some French tip nail decals sideways so they made a curve around the outside of my nails, and then put a little blob of Jewel Tone on a cosmetic sponge and dabbed it on. Jewel Tone is an LA Colors polish, and honestly I don’t even remember buying this shade – I must’ve had it for ages, though, so I assume it’s from when I first started collecting nail polish about six years ago. It’s a fun mix of fine purple, teal, and pink glitters, but it’s not very opaque – putting it on the sponge helped suck up excess clear polish base, but even so you can see a few areas aren’t totally covered by glitter on my nails.

1.5.16 Fancy Finger Guns with bottle

I like this a lot – pretty subtle, but really fun when the light hits the glitter. It’s supposed to rain all this week, so I’ll probably have a rain-inspired mani up for you in a few days, yayyy. Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x