Favorites Month: Pinks

I don’t have that many pinks in my stash, but I was surprised at how many different kinds of pinks I actually had. I am not usually a pink fan, but once in a while there’s nothing better than a nice pop of pink – especially if it’s neon!

08-24-14 bottles1
Shelby: I remember being confused with myself when I added this polish to my cart, but I’m glad I got it – sometimes you need a nice, light pink, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Bottoms Up: A fantastic cool-toned bubblegum pink neon. Talk about Barbie pink! It’s definitely streaky, but I’m okay doing three careful coats for this fun hue.

You Drive Me Coconuts: Another cool-toned neon pink, but darker. This is from the same collection as Bottoms Up but the formula is a dream – it’s technically a jelly but it’s opaque in two easy coats. My go-to neon pink!

Warhol: Similar to YDMC but more warm-toned. China Glaze is known as the brand with the best neons, but I gotta say, Color Club has a lot of great ones, too – this one and Lava Lamp are two-coat neons, which is difficult to find!

Love’s A Beach: I usually prefer my neons to be cremes, but the shimmer in LAB gives it a little something extra, in addition to a buttery formula. But then, basically every polish from this collection (China Glaze’s 2012 neons) is great!

08-24-14 bottles2
Disco Biscuit: This guy is super sheer – I usually layer it over another polish – but I looooooove the blue/purple glitter in this hot pink jelly base. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous.

I Lily Love You: I actually prefer this over black – the pink cellophane and glitter in the transparent pink jelly base turns blue and purple over dark colors and gives it a completely different look. Worn over another pink it’s a bit too girly for me, but the combination of glitters in ILLY is so fun.

Reggae To Riches: An oldie but a goodie – a rich magenta with a bright purple flash. Not my usual pick but something about that lovely duochrome purple makes me crave this polish every few months.

Mason: This looks pretty purple here, but it’s really a lovely, rich magenta (“Fandango pink,” according to Zoya, whatever that means). It’s got fabulous magenta sparkles that aren’t super noticeable but look amazing when the light catches. I can’t wait to use this guy in a jewel-tone mani for fall!

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang: I got this after seeing it on Rach’s site and was surprised how much I loved it! I usually wear this with an aqua like Zuza, but the nice, rich berry shade looks very classic on its own.

I did an easy gradient look with Bottoms Up and Warhol that I loooooooooove. It’s a very fun end of summer look, and I got so many compliments – sometimes the simplest nail art gets the most attention (and I’m sure the neon help draw people’s eye, as well)!

08-24-14 angled

My gradient wasn’t as smooth as I wanted, but I did this quickly super late at night. Not as bad as it could’ve been, though!

09-24-14 curled

See any of your favorites on my list? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading! See you next time with my favorite neutrals – A x

Half-Moon Mani With A Twist

Today’s manicure is a new favorite combined with some older ones!

03-31-14 bottles

First I laid down two coats of OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff. I’ve used it once before but not in a full manicure. This French vanilla cream is very lovely and ladylike on its own; I used two coats and could’ve used a third on a few fingers, but I knew I’d be mostly covering it up so I didn’t bother. I wore this on its own for a few days, actually, before I attempted my half-moon gradient.

MVIB was coming out really off color in my lightbox so I snapped one in the weak sunlight in front of my living room curtains.

MVIB was coming out really off color in my lightbox so I snapped one in the weak sunlight in front of my living room curtains.

Reggae To Riches is a gorgeous fuchsia with strong purple shimmer and Tantalizing is a lavender with bright blue shimmer, but for some reason it was hard to capture the shimmer of these. Unfortunately, both of these were really sheer when I sponged them on my nail, having overlapped the colors on an ever-so-slightly-damp sponge.

03-31-14 curled

I kept sponging and sponging to get the colors more opaque (and to try to coax out the fabulous shimmers, but you can only see Tantalize Me’s shimmer in a few photos) but all it did was create a less smooth gradient. I also wasn’t paying much attention to the fact that my sponging was getting under my reinforcement stickers (placed at the cuticle for the half moon), plus I didn’t get over to the side enough on a few nails. I still like this, though!

03-31-14 diagonal

I definitely need to delve into the depths of my polish collection way more often – I think I’ve only worn Tantalize Me and Reggae To Riches once each, but they’re really awesome. I’m not usually a pink fan but some about Reggae To Riches really draws me in, and that blue shimmer in Tantalizing makes an otherwise plain color interesting. Damn, I kind of want to attempt a swatch-a-thon of all my polishes. Haaaa yeah right – I have way too many, plus I’d get bored after like, a week. Maybe I’ll just attempt a no-buy so I’m forced to shop my own stash.

03-31-14 both bottles

Okay I just saw the Veronica Mars movie last night because I’d been waiting to see it with a friend who was coming to town, and I want to nerd out about it a little. There will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen it and want to, don’t read below!

So, I really loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would, going in, because I’d mostly kept away from reviews but the few I’d stumbled across had seemed kind of lukewarm, but I really think it was well done. Despite the backstory intro at the beginning, I highly doubt anyone who wasn’t previously a VMars fan saw this movie, but I loved all the callbacks, like Veronica’s old bag from the series, the rumor that Veronica had joined the FBI, and Wallace getting her a student’s file (!). Also, on a purely shallow note, HOT DAYUM, everyone got wayyyyy hotter. I mean, Wallace and Mac were already cute, but now? Jesus:

I mean, seriously smokin' hot. via

I mean, seriously smokin’ hot.

I in no way believe Mac would be working at Kane Software, though – she’d be running that joint, or having her own company. And I know there was a finite amount of time, but I wish we’d gotten to see more of Keith’s life, too – does he have a girlfriend? Did he get a backup dog to Backup? Ugh I also really wish Leighton Meester could’ve come back as Carrie Bishop since I not-so-secretly love Leighton Meester. Dick was obviously amazing, and I loved the mountain of cameos. (Cliff! Leo! Corny! Principal Clemmons! Poor Deputy Sachs! Weird Celeste Kane appearance! Vinnie Van Lowe with his sneezy job that perfectly suited him!)

And oh, Logan. Okay, in the real world, Logan would be the worst but as a fictional character, I always loved Logan’s quippy personality. My mouth actually fell open when he appeared in uniform because whaaaaaat?! The rehash of the “epic love” speech was a little cheesy, though – especially since Logan didn’t even remember saying it to Veronica the next morning, right? But damn, can that man lean.

I sorely missed the visual look of the TV show, though. That great, neo-noir style (neon signs/stained glass/high-contrast/deep shadows) always enhanced my love of the show, and while once or twice a shot of Veronica in silhouette fixing her camera was cool, they repeated the silhouette too much (and the Veronica/Logan ones seemed positively cliche).

The colors! The neon! via

The colors! The neon!

I was also torn up about how it ended – part of me cheered as Veronica settled back into Mars Investigation (with Mac by her side!), but a part of me also hated it. I love the character of Veronica, and want the best for her, and I agree with her dad that she “had made it out” and that she shouldn’t let the town suck her back in (also, how is she going to pay back her student loans on her now-useless law degree?!). That plus the Logan thing felt like her character was regressing. But Neptune will always be corrupt, and who wouldn’t love Veronica Mars as a defender of their town? Better than Batman, for sure.

Mermaid Nails

Haven’t worn this in forever but I love everything about it. I mean, just check out the bottle:

03-16-14 bottle shot

How cute is that? The little bustle in the back! I’m a sucker for packaging, and Nfu-Oh has awesome packaging in spades. I got #52 here when I was first getting into my “collecting” stage of nail polish (I’ve always liked crazy polish, even as a kid, but around 2009 I started to morph into the addict I am today) and it was my first expensive polish. I got this, the famous flakie 51, and two holos, 61 and 62. They were about $12, I think, and I debated buying them for SO LONG because omgggg that was so expensive for a nail polish, it probably wasn’t worth it. (Oh how times have changed!) The free shipping won me over, I think. Anyway, Nfu-Oh has since discontinued their flakie line, so I’m glad I got this little guy back when I did!

Note: I apologize for the photos in this post – I’ve been really busy all weekend, mostly outdoors, which means I haven’t had much opportunity to attempt nice photos so I’ve just snapped ’em wherever, which is why the lighting is wildy different and also why there’s some tip wear in some photos. And as usual, the despite my best efforts my cuticles are pretty dry, argh. I promise my next photos will be much nicer!

03-16-14 outdoor curled to side

52 is an indigo jelly with green/blue shifting flakes. It’s pretty sheer, and I’m lazy which means I like to layer anyway, so I put two coats of 52 over one coat of Revlon Posh, a bright green. I tested it over a few blues on some paper but the cool murky green-blue base got lost and it just sort of looked like I’d put Zoya’s Maisie over them. Over green, though, you can see the changing colors of the base, and that combined with the flakes suspended in each layer makes it look mermaid-y to me.

03-16-14 bathroom pic

As you can see, the colors of the flakes change from green to turquoise/teal to blue and at extreme angles, deep royal blue. I included of the royal blue shift below. There’s really not much else to say about 52 besides YUM. So very pretty, but not in an over-the-top, super eye-catching way. Heaven knows I love me some loud polish, but sometimes it’s nice to have something quietly pretty on your nails, you know?

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to change my manicure to something appropriately St. Patrick’s Day themed before tomorrow, but there’s green in this so that counts, right? :) Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x

Going Back to 2011

In going back through some of my favorite polishes, I found these two beauties that were both released in 2011.

03-13-14 bottles

Sigh…2011 was such a great year for China Glaze polishes collections: Anchors Away, the first crackles, Let It Snow, and this one, the Eye Candy collection. I only have two from Eye Candy but they’re awesome – Lorelei’s Tiara and Some Like It Haute (SLIH). SLIH, actually, had a dupe in the same Orly collection (Mineral FX) Rococo A Go Go (RAGG) is from. It’s always so funny to me how every year there’s one or two polishes that most of the big companies all have dupes of (and that will trickle down to drugstores, too, like Chanel’s Peridot). Why does that always happen? Anyway…

03-13-14 curled under - color accurate

SLIH is comprised of small holographic hexes, fine gunmetal glitter, and holographic micro glitter in a sheer base. I layered one coat over OPI’s Lucertainly Look Marvelous, which has a similar gunmetal color; SLIH is very dense and you could probably get it opaque in two coats, but I try to avoid obnoxious glitter removal whenever I can. Man, I really love SLIH – it’s gorgeous but badass at the same time. (Also, surprisingly pretty smooth with just one coat of Gelous and one of Seche.)

And it's SO SPARKLY.

And it’s SO SPARKLY.

RAGG is a reddish purple (wine?) base with gorgeous lighter glass fleck. It also has a golden duochorome effect that’s less apparent on the nail than in the bottle (and hard to capture on camera, of course) but it still gives RAGG a little extra oomph. It’s very multidimensional and ugh, just so pretty.

Awward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger.

Awkward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger and how crazy awesome the shift is in the bottle!

I’ve been feeling hella lazy lately so I just did some super simple nail art – I cut a little pointy piece out of some tape and used the cut-out part itself on my ring and the tape with the cut-out on my middle. Economical nail art, yo. I’m kind of surprised the shimmery + sparkly finishes go so well together – I can be kind of picky about that, but I love this combination.

Now I’d like to do a PSA about why would should watch Broad City on Comedy Central – because it’s funny as SHIT. It makes me belly laugh so many times an episode, and that’s not an easy feat. The premise isn’t original – two twenty-something friends in New York – but damn, they are hilarious. Their web episodes are still online, but I personally think the show’s funnier. I guarantee you’ll be hoooked from the first episode (if you’re into slightly crass humor, which I am. The second episode is called “Pussy Weed,” so…).

Trying to pick up dudes.  via

Trying to pick up dudes.

"My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…" via

“My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…”

Oh yeah, and Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.  via

Oh yeah, Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.

Thanks for reading! See y’all next time – A x

Month of Untrieds: Grunge Nails

Second to last post of my untried month, so I had to try and squeeze in as many polishes as I could. Today’s post features three in one manicure:

02-27-14 bottles

The China Glazes are from the New Bohemian collection of 2012, a small set of duochromes. It included a Chanel Peridot dupe, which I do own but can’t find currently and I thought the color wouldn’t show up very well in this manicure, anyway. Instead I threw Iris My Case into the mix, a Nicole by OPI polish that’s a dupe for the purple in the Bohemian collection that I wasn’t really into at the time, but the NOPI was on sale for like $2 and Lord knows I can’t pass up a sale. Anyway, I’d been wanting to try out Chalkboard Nails’ distressed tutorial, and I thought using these metallics over black might save me a step.

02-27-14 diagonal darker

Mine don’t look exactly like Chalkboard Nails’, because I slightly changed it up. If you didn’t follow the link, basically she achieves a “grungy” look by wiping almost all the polish off a brush and doing a few short strokes on the nail over a white base, then repeating with another two colors, then with black. For my manicure, I used a black base then swiped Unpredictable, Iris My Case, and Deviantly Daring over it. The black base showed through the brush strokes, giving it a similar look to if I had done a black coat over top.

02-27-14 curled around bottle darker

This almost looks like crackle polish, doesn’t it? I love how the colors are all cool, so they blend together well and almost look like my polish is changing colors if I move my hand (although it was hard to capture, the duochrome is visible, too – you can see it a bit in the macro below). I know I only used a very small amount, but these seemed pretty opaque and not very brushstroke-y, despite being metallics; I bet they would be great for stamping.

Totally crackle-esque!

Totally crackle-esque!

I wore this for five or six days and they held up pretty well; I had a little bit of tip wear and a few chips, but I just quickly touched them up because I liked this so much. I’m definitely going to try grunge again with brighter colors – it’s a really easy and quick but cool-looking manicure.

02-27-14 curled

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for my last untried manicure! See you then – A x