Month of Untrieds: For The Twill Of It

Super short post today! Testing out just one polish this time:

02-24-14 bottle

I’ve been saying this about a lot of my untrieds, but I don’t really know what possessed me to buy this. I’m not a fan of the dismal duochromes big companies put out – they’re always boring colors and the shift is usually super subtle on the nail, anyway. For me it’s intense, bright color changes or GTFO. But For The Twill Of It (and its OPI dupe) intrigued me with that cool gasoline rainbow look in the bottle. I knew there was a 50/50 shot of FTTOI sucking on the nail, but I decided to try anyway since it was only $3.

02-24-14 around bottle

It’s okay. Not really my jam, though. There is color shift on the nail – not much, but some – although it was hard to capture on camera. You can see it on my pinkie in the photo above, and a bit in the photo below.

02-24-14 diagonal

See what I mean about the color being dull? That chrome-y, washed-out teal and purple…it just looks sad and boring to me. I tried to liven this manicure up a bit by adding some striping tape and black polish designs, but that didn’t help, either – my poor, old bottle of Wet ‘n Wild has gotten kind of thick and goopy, and I guess I didn’t pull the tape up carefully enough because my lines didn’t turn out very clean. Sigh. Can’t win ’em all.

02-24-14 curled (none)

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x


Books & Polish

This “fall-themed polish” thing is really throwing me for a loop because I’m actually liking the colors! I mean, no brown, burgundy, or nude will ever take the place of my beloved saturated blues and greens or neons, but I’m shocked that I can actually appreciate these more subdued polishes.

11-13-13 bottle shot

Today’s polish combo includes two polishes I’ve never worn before – OPI’s Warm & Fozzie and Designer…de Better! from the Muppets collection last year. A lovely friend of mine got me a mini set that has those two plus Wocka Wocka and Excuse Moi! The OPI mini are really mini! The brush surprisingly isn’t too awkward, but I felt like a giant trying to paint my nails.

So little!

So little!

I don’t even know how I ended up on these colors together. I wanted to use Milani’s Dark Coffee, which I have only previously used as the apple stem in my poison apple manicure, and came across this box of minis where I decided on W&F and thought eh, let’s throw in D…dB! too.

11-13-13 fingers normal

I think this might’ve looked cooler if I had done all different finishes, like crème, foil, metallic. The two OPI foils don’t look the best together, in my opinion, but altogether it’s still kind of cool. I meant to make a step-by-step collage to show how I did it but I forgot because I’m the worst, sorry! :/

Slightly out of focus so you can see the flecks of color in Warm & Fozzie.

Slightly out of focus so you can see the flecks of color in Warm & Fozzie.

First I painted a base coat of W&F – which annoyingly was super sheer and needed three coats – then added a light coat of Seche Vite and waited an hour or so. You can see on my middle finger it looks darker – I layered W&F over Dark Coffee to see if that would help the opacity problem, and it did, but I thought the polish lost a little of its pretty duochrome-ness, so I ended up not doing that on all my nails. After the base color was dry, I cut a bunch of angled tape pieces, stuck them to my palm a few times so they weren’t quite as sticky, then positioned them where I wanted them. I painted the lower section with one thickish coat of Dark Coffee, which applied really nicely, and the smaller upper section with 1-1.5 coats of D…dB!, which is surprisingly opaque. I removed the tape after a few seconds and added top coat when it was all dry.

My new $1 purchase, a historical fiction about Charlotte Bronte as a spy or something. SOLD!

My new $1 purchase, a historical fiction about Charlotte Bronte as a spy or something. SOLD!

W&F, despite being sheer (one of the most obnoxious polish problems, in my opinion), is pretty cool because it seems to change color. It’s a bronze-y brown foil packed with red, gold, and green particles, and in certain lights it shifts from a light brown/copper to a more greenish-gold hue. I also ended up really liking D…dB! because at first glance it seems like a boring taupe-champagne, but it has these awesome copper flecks scattered throughout that make it really unique. It’s really shiny and reflective, too! I still think OPI could’ve done a better job with that collection (the Muppets are a colorful bunch, yet half the collection is just reds, and the glitters were boring) but I like that even though the colors aren’t the flashiest, some of them have little extras that keep them from being completely boring.

Dark Coffee actually looks like perfectly melted chocolate. You can also see the copper flecks in D...dB! and the multicolored flakes in W&F.

Dark Coffee actually looks like perfectly melted chocolate. You can also see the copper flecks in D…dB! and the multicolored flakes in W&F.

The bookshelves in the background of my pictures are from an awesome place called The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. Downstairs there’s a mini stage where they have readings and books are organized into the usual sections like YA, History, Religion, etc.

First floor view from upstairs.

First floor view from upstairs.

Upstairs there’s a $1 wonderland with hundreds of books. It’s a huuuuuuge bookstore in what used to be a bank, so there’s still vaults and other cool set-ups scattered around.

11-13-13 vault

Sure, the $1 section has a lot of weird old cookbooks and business and travel guides from the early 90s, but there’s some good stuff in there too, if you root around. Last time I came my friend A and I were there for probably 3 hours, maybe more.

They even have some sections color coordinated!

They even have some sections color coordinated!

Upstairs also has a bunch of small artists’ shops that feature everything from jewelry to paintings to vintage goods. A bunch of their wares are placed around the bookstore as art installations that are for sale if one tickles your fancy.

11-13-13  instaillation

I love this place, I’d say if you’re a book lover and are in the downtown LA area you should definitely pop in. You can do lunch and cocktails at Cole’s before you go, which is what we did. It’s an au jus place (apparently the inventor of that style) with delicious cocktails and desserts, and it’s a really short walk from one to the other.

Thoughts on this mani? Anyone been to The Last Bookstore?

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x