Rainy Day Glitter

Last week we had a full two gloriously rainy day, and I wanted to do a mani to match. I looooove grays and dusty blues on rainy days, so I decided to try out a new Potion Polish with the perfect name and an old favorite cornflower blue.

1.9.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I will probably do a full review post on my three Potion Polish purchases, so for now I’ll just briefly discuss Rainy Day On The Couch. I bought it purely for the name, but once it arrived I was smitten with how it looked in the bottle – the deep gray base is filled with purple shimmer and tiny aqua, navy, and holographic glitter pieces that sparkled as soon as I opened the package and was so freaking gorgeous. When I actually put it on my nails for this mani, the formula was a bit sheer – I assume to ensure that the glitter pieces still showed through the dark gray base – and it didn’t dry matte but it wasn’t shiny, either.

I applied three coats to make sure it was totally opaque, then applied top coat – and there was that sparkle I’d been missing from the bottle! The holographic sparkle doesn’t seem to come through without top coat. I love what’s going on with this polish – it really does evoke the feeling of a rainy day. I can’t quite decide about the purple shimmer, though – I do like it, but I feel like it might not have been necessary? Anyway, this polish is awesome, you should totally scoop it up if you like grays/delicate sparkle.

1.9.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

Electric Beat is an old favorite of mine – from one of my favorite collections, China Glaze’s Electropop in 2012. I own almost all the colors, and with good reason – the colors are fun and the formulas are amazing. Electric Beat is no exception – it’s almost opaque in one coat, the formula is so easy, and the color is a perfect, soft cornflower blue. I used washi tape and Electric Beat to add a little design to my ring finger to tie the look all together, but I feel like grays and dusty blues are always well-matched, especially for a dark and stormy day!


Here’s hoping there’s many more rainy days in our future (the California drought it getting scary). Thanks for reading! See y’all next time – A x

A-England: Wuthering Heights and Sleeping Palace

Hi everyone – sorry, I’m having a lot of trouble getting my photos to download so this post was supposed to go up a few days ago. But if you like muted hues, you’ll love today’s post! I can’t even believe how much I’m into these colors. They are so not my usual bag, but I don’t know, something about these colors seems super cozy to be wearing when the temperature starts to drop (which it actually is doing a bit here, so yay!).

12.2.15 FFG A-England bottles

I started off with two coats of Wuthering Heights. I have no idea how to describe this color – it’s a gray-mauve-lavender hue (and it looks way more lavender in photos than in person) – but it’s beautifully moody and perfectly evokes the gloomy, stormy location of the novel. It’s got a very fine, subtle holo shimmer that doesn’t detract from the color, which is the star of the show.

12.2.15 FFG A-England up

I used striping tape to make intersecting “V” shapes, then painted over it with one thick coat of Sleeping palace. Oooooooh, y’all – I like Wuthering Heights a lot, but I freaking loooooove Sleeping Palace. It’s a dusty plum that is the perfect fall color – it looks very deep and rich to me somehow. Sleeping Palace also has more of a holo flare than Wuthering Heights.

12.2.15 FFG A-England

Sorry if my pictures look weird – I was trying to capture the holo flare, so I took these while hiking in Griffith Park. It’s one of my favorite places in LA – the Observatory is gorgeous and has an amazing view of the city, and on the hiking path you get a great view of downtown LA, too!

For my fellow Americans, how was your Thanksgiving? I had a really lovely, chill day and even had a cute little foster pup for the week to spoil with treats! Although I’m kind of freaking out that it’s already December and I need to start on holiday manis post-haste since I’ve been slacking so much this month, whoops. Oh well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! See you next time!

Happy, happy turkey day! via

Happy, happy turkey day! via

Halloween Mani #9 – Sparkly Drips!

Hi everyone! Today’s mani was one of the quickest I’ve ever done – thank God for nail decals!

10.26.15 bottles

For the base color, I used two coats of Skull & Glossbones, a dirty light gray from OPI’s 2012 On Stranger Tides collection. I really love this color – the faint green tinge gives it a spooky feel, so it’s perfect for Halloween manicures. The formula is pretty good, too – if you’re careful, you can usually get away with only two coats, which is pretty great for such a light color.

10.26.15 around bottle

For the drips, I wanted to to something a little jazzier than my all-creme version last year, so after I applied my What’s Up Nails drip decals – which also saved me a ton of time, since last year I hand-painted the drips – I quickly applied two thick layers of Orly’s Here Comes Trouble (HCT), an acid green glitter. HCT has a sheer base filled with green micro glitter and larger, scattered hex glitter. It’s a pretty opaque glitter, but definitely needed two coats to make sure there were no sheer areas. After painting on the two coats, I quickly but carefully peeled each decal off, then left about 20 minutes for it to fully dry because of the heavy coats.

10.26.15 tombstone

I loooove how this turned out! I will never get tired of oozy drip nails for Halloween, so don’t be surprised if you see them next year, too! Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with mani #11 tomorrow, see ya then – A x

Halloween Mani #8: Halloween Bubbles!

Hello lovely readers! We’re in the home stretch leading up to Halloween, so I’m gonna have nail posts probably every day this week. Savor that, because after this month I probably won’t post very much, ha – I don’t know how some nail bloggers do so many posts/manis every single month! It’s too much for someone as lazy as me, even though I do love nail art. Today’s nail art is a very fun look that actually took me no time at all to do:


I used two easy coats of Zoya’s Loredana, a dark gray matte that was recently re-released. It’s gorgeous, with its silver flecks, and since it’s matte, it dried in a flash. Score. When that was dry, I used a medium dotting tool to apply a few dots around the side of each nail with Arizona, followed by Treble Maker and Anime-zing Color. Then I used a smeller dotting tool to fill in the space with multicolored dots in a rough curved shape.

Ahhh sorry, I didn't see the chip on my pinkie when I was taking pics!

Ahhh sorry, I didn’t see the chip on my pinkie when I was taking pics!

It still looked like it needed a little something, so I went back in and put a few small black dots in the empty spaces. I thought this mani was really fun – the gray under the traditional orange/green/purple makes it less cutesy, but still cute, if that makes sense? Also, I didn’t use top coat or anything, but all these polishes dried really quickly so it was a pretty fast mani (except for one or two dots that got a ding, but that’s because I’m impatient).

See that gorgeous matte shimmer?

See that gorgeous matte shimmer?

Tomorrow starts the week leading up to Halloween! Are you excited? Do you have your costume prepared? I definitely do not – as much as I love and anticipate Halloween, I think because I decorated so early (mid-September) and because I’ve been so busy (October is always a super busy month, and my family was just in town for a week), the rest of October really snuck up on me. I think I’m gonna have to go with something that’s more makeup based rather than costume based, since I’ve run out of time and have no more weekends to shop! I’m thinking of doing a cute alien look, but we’ll see. Anyway, thanks for reading! I’ll have another post up tomorrow, see ya then – A x

Halloween Mani #2: Ombre Bats

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend been? Mine was pleasantly very chill – it gave me time to reorganize things and I even created a Pinterest page just for Fancy Finger Guns! If you click on the Pinterest icon on the right-hand side, you’ll be taken to the new account, which features my manicures separated onto different boards (holiday nail art, neons, textures, etc.) as well as other boards like color inspiration (I can’t be the only one who goes to Pinterest for mani color ideas, can I?) and even boards featuring swatches of colors I own by brand! It’s going to take some time, but I’m hoping to pin swatches of every polish I own, so you can virtually scroll through my entire stash. Kinda cool, huh? It’s also going to help immensely when I’m about to pick up a polish but can’t remember if I own something similar. I’m attempting to pin them in rainbow order, but usually when I’m reorganizing the stash (I do that by color, too), I forget a few colors that were in the living room or still in my lightbox, so we’ll see how that goes ha! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into my second Halloween mani of the season:

From Left: China Glaze Recycle, Release, Tart-Y For The Party, Sweet Hook, Essie Sittin' Pretty

From Left: China Glaze Recycle, Release, Tart-Y For The Party, Sweet Hook, Essie Sittin’ Pretty

I haven’t done a simple ombre mani in forever, and it took a few tries before I got this one right (I even attempted to mix a few colors, but that went badly!), but I loooove the result! I also learned that I don’t have as many purples as I thought, and most of them aren’t the same kind of shades, but luckily I had China Glaze’s Release, a purpley-gray, which brought this whole look together.

10.04.15 around bottle Fancy Finger Guns

Once I had my polish on, I used my extra-pointy nail art tweezers to apply the black bat decals I’d gotten last year from Make It Stick Designs on etsy. I mixed up the sizes, but the differences are so small you can barely tell. I did cut one in half to make it so two fit on my pinkie without looking squished.

10.04.15 arched Fancy Finger Guns

Even after a layer of top coat, I could still feel the edges of the decals, which annoyed me a little on my pointer because they felt so sharp but it turned out to be super helpful because it was easy to pick them off with my tweezers before removing the polish below. But if you’re looking for an easy Halloween look, I would definitely recommend these bat decals – a lot come in one order, they’re super easy to use, and you can throw them over basically any color and it would still look fun an Halloween-y. I might try them over neon pastels next year.

Sorry my cuticles look ROUGH in this pic. Also for the cut on my middle finger in all these pics.

Sorry my cuticles look ROUGH in this pic. Also for the cut on my middle finger in all these pics.

The weather has turned chilly and cloudy here and I couldn’t be more excited – perfect October weather, and it’s totally inspiring new spooky manicure designs. I hope you’re getting into the spirit too, because I’ve got 11 more looks to share with you! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x