Fall-ing Into China Glaze

Hi everyone! Whew, I’m still a little wiped out from doing so many manis for Halloween! I’ll probably just be doing some simple manis this month, I hope you understand! Today’s mani is a color combination I’ve never tried before, but it felt very rich and fall-like:

11.4.15 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

Desert Sun is a weird one. China Glaze describes it as a caramel, but I think it’s a little too orange for that – but it’s also a little too yellow to be a tan? I’m very confused by it, but I’m calling it butterscotch!

I actually really like this color combo – I love me a teal, and tan goes well with teal, so this weird more orange-y hue gives it a little something extra. Desert Sun has a pretty good formula, too, although I did need three coats.

11.4.15 Fancy Finger Guns around bottles

Custom Kicks is an old CG that’s pretty new to me – I only got it a few months ago, but it is awesome! It’s a beautiful, super saturated teal with fine gold shimmer that mostly only comes out in direct light, but it’s gorgeous. I probably didn’t even need two coats, but I did it anyway because I was painting in low light and wanted to be sure there was no patchiness.

11.4.15 Fancy Finger Guns curled2

The glitter, I Soiree I Didn’t Do It (ISIDDI), is from CG’s new 2015 holiday collection, and it is GREAT. I did two thin coats over one coat of Custom Kicks, and it was very opaque, plus the glitter is small so I don’t needed one layer of top coat for it to be nice and smooth. For my ring finger, I used some sample zig zag decals that came with my What’s Up Nails order a few weeks ago to apply ISIDDI over Desert Sun.

11.4.15 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

As I mentioned, this color combo felt very fall to me, and it’s just in time, because it’s actually starting to feel like fall here, huzzah! It was pretty chilly today, and although it’s supposed to warm up later this week (classic LA weather), I’m enjoying it while I can – I got to wear boots today! I actually probably could’ve gotten away with a scarf, even, since it was pretty cold outside with the wind. Missed opportunities, y’all! I’m even enjoying the “it gets dark early” thing, because the nights are chilly even when the day isn’t, so I get to throw my windows open at home and have a nice, fresh breeze sweeping through our stuffy apartment and making it feel very nice, indeed, to snuggle into my blankets. It’s pretty great, you guys. Okay, I’ll quit rambling about the weather! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

Nail Quickies: Rose Gold and Teal Racing Stripes

Hello everyone! How’s your (holiday, if you’re in the US) week been going? I’ve had a busy few weeks at work so I treated myself to a some new polishes last weekend, two of which I’m wearing in my mani today!

7.3.15 bottles

I wasn’t too into the China Glaze desert collection – I like the idea behind the theme, but I’m at the point in my crazy huge polish collection where I only want to buy something if it’s unique, and these just ain’t it. My sister scooped up Meet Me In The Mirage, however, and once I put it on I realized it’s actually a little different from my other foil-y rose gold, butter London’s Champers. Champers is a bit more rich in color and has more metallic foil flakes – MMITM is lighter in color and isn’t as heavily foil-y. It went on easily and opaquely in two thin coats.

7.3.15 diagonal

I did want to note that Cecilia is fabulous at self-leveling – I did only one coat because I was, as usual, painting my nails in the half-dark, and later added another layer after realizing it was sheer in some parts. The polish had a streaked texture when it first went on because I was trying to apply only a thin layer, but to my relief a few seconds later each nail looked nice and smooth. So that’s actually pretty cool! For the stripes, I stuck a piece of washi tape diagonally at the tip of each nail and then applied a piece of striping tape above that and painted one thick coat of Meet Me In The Mirage.

7.2.15 pose

This was so easy to do and looks very chic, I love it! What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments! I know I haven’t been posting as much lately, but I’ve got a fun and easy Fourth of July mani coming up soon I think y’all will like. See you then! – A x

Green Ombre Party!

I’m really into greens lately and couldn’t resist using a few of them together, resulting in this green explosionnnnnn.

07-21-14 bottles

I wore just Highlight of My Summer (HOMS) by itself for a day or so because it’s the best mint evaaaaa – so fantastically bright, and usually the formula is obnoxious but somehow this time I only needed two coats. Turns out, HOMS is the exact color I just painted my nightstand, too! I guess I’m on a bright mint kick…

Sorry about my cuticles - they're a little dry and I kinda messed up my clean up a bit :/

Sorry about my cuticles – they’re a little dry and I kinda messed up my clean up a bit :/

I painted The Real Teal (which looks super blue next to the mint) and HOMS on a wrung-out makeup wedge and sort of rolled it on my nails, then dabbed a bit up and down to make sure the middle looked like a smooth gradation. After that dried, I carefully applied one coat of Emerald Dew Drops (EDD). I’ve extolled the virtues of ILNP’s glitters before, but ughhhh they’re so good, y’all! I think Barbra, sold off the remaining glitter polishes during her last sale (when I scooped up EDD plus three holos) and I understand that she’s found her niche as a holo/multichrome creator now, but I do hope that she eventually makes glitter again. I just love her combinations, they’re so unique and lovely!

EDD is comprised of solid and translucent white hexes and bars, teal squares and shards, smaller green hexes, and holo micro glitter. I love itttttt – even with the bar glitter, which is not usually my jam – and think it’ll look fab over an array of colors. The formula is fantastic for a glitter, it’s not hard to move pieces around on the nail and you get a good amount of glitter with each swipe. I used two coats of NYC’s In A New York Minute to smooth it out because my Seche is all dried up, but EDD isn’t too bumpy so it feels fine.

07-21-14 diagonal

I got a ton of compliments on this combo! With the neon mint and sparkly glitter, it’s a real eye-catcher – I had people at work grab my hand to get a better look ha. It’s held up very well, too and I think I’ll wear it until I get a chip. I hope you enjoyed this post, see ya next time! – A x

Nail Quickies: International Indies

Hi all! My life has been a little hectic lately so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to devote to this little blog – or to consistently doing my nails at all, it pains me to say – so I’ve decided to start “nail quickies,” brief posts with recent manis for when I’m short on time. They’ll be for when I don’t have time to do anything too intricate with my nails, so they won’t require much description/discussion. Recently I haven’t been posting most of my manis because they’ve mostly been of the “I need to slap a replacement over my current chipped color” and not anything too fun or unique, but this way I’ll still be able to post something even if it’s short! So here’s today’s combo:

07-15-14 bottles

Saint George is truly gorge, and one of the first indie/more pricey polishes I bought way back when I first started to really collect nail polish. It’s one every polish lover needs in their arsenal – it’s a one coater, has that lovely a-England trademark scattered holo, and is the most fantastic deep teal. Ughhhh I love this color so much! I’m glad I chose Saint George to pair with this neon pink than the mint I was originally going to use, it looks so much richer.

07-15-14 diagonal

The Pink One is another indie from abroad! I got TPO and Daphne’s Birthday party, a fun glitter topper, sometime last year, I think, after I saw TPO on Stuff I Swatched. If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ll know I’m not generally a pink person, but this one is special – not only is this fabulous neon pink opaque in two coats (!) but the branding for Pretty Serious is just awesome. I’m a sucker for packaging – it doesn’t always make me buy a product, but I definitely take notice when a brand puts the time in to create something that’s fun and completely reflects their brand, and Pretty Serious did an amazing job.

I love Daphne, the Pretty Serious mascot there on the side of the box. Their illustrator is so awesome, all the art on their site is so great!

I love Daphne, their mascot there on the side of the box. Their illustrator is so great!

I did the design on my middle two fingers with striping tape and UGH. Sometimes striping tape is just such a struggle for me! You can see the actual design turned out pretty well on my middle finger, but wouldn’t adhere securely enough to prevent some of Saint George seeping under the tape. Then over on my ring I lost the end of the tape so I had to sort of cut into it again to make another one, and that makes a thicker piece, and it wouldn’t lay as nice as the pieces on my middle finger and blerggggg. I haaaaate when things can’t be perfectly uniform (unless that’s the look I’m going for, obvs)! I like this design, though – simple and not too time-consuming, tape issues notwithstanding. I think I need to rig up something like this with my striping tape, but that would mean rounding up all the random spools scattered around my apartment….

Here's the one photo I captured outside before clouds rolled in - you can see how sparkly Saint George's tiny holo particles are and that gorgeous shimmer in TPO!

Here’s the one photo I captured outside before clouds rolled in – you can see how sparkly Saint George’s tiny holo particles are and that gorgeous shimmer in TPO!

Lately there’s been a sales at drugstores in my area, so I managed to pick up four of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils, plus I’ve got shipments en route from Zoya and I Love Nail Polish, so I should have some slightly more interesting stuff coming up soon! I’m also thinking of maybe doing a “favorites” month in August because I love making lists – would anyone be interested in that? Let me know in the comments if you are! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

Under The Sea (And On The Beach!)

I had big plans for this month to post at least 10 fun summer-themed nail art designs but unfortunately my life has been hectic lately and I just haven’t had time to do as many looks as I wanted. I still really like all the ones I managed to do, though, and although I had a few ideas left I thought I’d end the month with a beach-y/ocean-y design.

I keep forgetting to take the sale tag off Go Deeper, whoops. Also, my poor bottle of Frisky - it's so freaking  messy from collateral damage during a previous splatter mani.

I keep forgetting to take the sale tag off Go Deeper, whoops. Also, my poor bottle of Frisky – it’s so freaking messy from collateral damage during a previous splatter mani.

Godiva looks just like sparkly sand in the bottle, so it was a no brainer that I’d include it in this mani. It’s pretty sheer, so it took three coats to be completely opaque. I could’ve sworn I had a little golden shell charm but alas I was wrong, so I just added a little circle stud – just pretend it’s a shell and the manicure is so much cuter!

06-29-14 curled around bottle1

On my middle fingers I wanted to mimic the pretty shallow waters of the sea, so I did the Saran Wrap technique with Jade Hypnose over Orly’s Frisky. I kinda wish I had used China Glaze’s Aquadelic because I think the slightly more green aqua would’ve looked more like the ocean whereas Frisky looks more like pool water, but I still really like it – I think the holo particles of Hypnose really make the design look like sparkling water.

See? They basically exactly match the water of my pool!

See? They basically exactly match the water of my pool!

On my pinkie I wanted to evoke the deeper ocean waters that are a bit darker but still have enough sun for a range of sparkly greens and blues. (P.S. Never Google “deep sea” – it will just bring up hundreds of terrifying monsters from the bottom of the ocean and you won’t be able to sleep tonight.) I did one coat of Shower Together and a crappy glitter gradient of Go Deeper, the inappropriately named Orly that is gorgeous with its teal holo sequins and tiny blue glitter. I had a hard time capturing GD’s sparkle but you can see how it looks in the bottle in the first photo – so fabulous!

06-29-14 curled under

Even though I didn’t get to do everything I wanted this month, I’m pleased with the designs I did get to do. I got to try out a bunch of new techniques and designs and ended up with some really fun looks that I loved, and I hope you guys enjoyed them, too! Thank you for reading, and see you next time for my Fourth of July look! – A x