Nail Quickies: Rainbow Flakie

Hello, dear readers! I apologize for my absence this past week – I’ve had a few manis but nothing that felt interesting or pretty enough to post. I’ve been feeling a little lazy lately, so I’ve actually only been doing plain color nails. I KNOW, but I just haven’t been feeling even simple nail art. Today’s isn’t all that exciting, either, but I think it’s purdy!

11-17-14 bottles

I’m not usually one for blue-toned purples, but I grabbed No More Film randomly a few months ago and eh, it’s all right. It looks almost black on the nail unless you’re in direct sunlight, and I usually avoid those kinds of colors but it’s a nice base to make the flakes of Twisted pop. Anyway, I nabbed three of the new ILNP flakie polishes in the pre-order last Friday, which is what made me want to dig out one of the flakie polishes I already owned.

Sorry for the janky cuticles!

Sorry for the janky cuticles!

This is only one coat of Twisted, and as you can see, it’s got a really great amount of flakes. It felt super smooth, too, even before top coat. I wish there was more blue to really round out the rainbow-y-ness of the flakes, but I love all the different colors, it’s so fun – different than glitter but like a party on your nails!

11-17-14 curled

I’m so excited for the ILNP polishes, though. They won’t get here for almost a month but ughhhhh they look so gorgeous! They’re not like the usual flakie polishes – they’re opaque and seem to be made out of a shiny, foil-esque substance as opposed to traditional flakes like Twisted, which are sheer and iridescent. I had a hell of a time choosing which ones to order – even at a dollar off, they’re pricier than I like to pay for polish, so I limited myself to three, and I spent foreverrrrr clicking between swatches, trying to narrow it down, plus a lot of them are very similar, so it was difficult choosing. I tried to get three that had different color shifts, but I have one or two more in mind I might snatch up later as a Christmas present to myself. Exciteddddd.

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to do some fun nail art and post something more interesting soon. Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x

Zesty Zombie

Getting close to Halloween now! I hope the weather turns more fall-y in the next few days, it’s sad enough not living where leaves change colors! One day I want an October that looks like this:

Autumn cinemagraph

I wanted to do a gradient (which I’ve actually never done before!) but in a different way. Then I remembered the gradient triangles that Pshiiit did. Sold! Obviously I wanted to use Halloween-y colors, so I chose two with appropriate names, Skull & Glossbones and Zombie Zest.

China Glaze's Zombie Zest, OPI's Skull & Glossbones, and my weird but awesome little zombie arm necklace, complete with oozy green heart.

China Glaze’s Zombie Zest, OPI’s Skull & Glossbones, and I had to use my little zombie arm necklace as a prop!

I’ve shown S&G on here before, it’s a ghostly light gray with an okay formula, needing 2-3 coats. The real star here, though, is Zombie Zest. Isn’t that an amazing name? I got it on sale for $2 at Sally’s a few years ago despite not liking the color at ALL at the time, because I couldn’t resist the name. It’s fairly sheer, probably needing at least 3 coats for full coverage, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve only layered it. I’ve never worn it on its own because it’s a pretty ugly green, a light olive heavily leaning yellow – it looks like phlegm or something, which is gross but fitting since it was in a Halloween collection (2010). There’s some gorgeous duochrome action happening at the edges of the bottle but as is usually the case, it doesn’t show up on the nail.

See the dark green and blue towards the edge? And those fantastic glassflecks!

See the dark green and blue towards the edge?

I usually layer ZZ over a darker color, and I chose a hunter green (Finger Paint’s Scenery Greenery, which I used in the last post). Once I’d painted S&G and let a coat of quick-dry top coat sit for a few hours, I taped off a triangular section on each nail. Then I added a little of Scenery Greenery to a triangle makeup and sponged it heavily at the bottom of my nail, sponging a little less as I went up the nail, finally leaving the top part of the triangle without anything. After all the Scnerery Greenery sections were dried, I dabbed ZZ on another sponge and gently sponged 2 or 3 coats over the whole triangle area.

10-26-13 curled

I do love this necklace. Adorably macabre!

I do love this necklace, with its oozy green heart. Adorably macabre!

10-26-13 macro

When ZZ is layered over a dark color the barfy green goes away, leaving all the gorgeous glass fleck shimmer front and center. I didn’t tape off the triangle sections perfectly, but admittedly I was doing it in crappy lighting while I was watching TV and it doesn’t really bother me. I still think it looks cool and I’m pretty pleased with it overall!

For every Halloween mani post I’m writing about some of my favorite Halloween/horror movies. There’s only a few days left until Halloween, and I feel like I still have so many favorite movies I want to write about! But there’s always next year, right? Today I’ll be discussing one of the best recent horror movies – 28 Days Later.

28 Days group

The premise of this movie is that a “rage virus” quickly spreads and infects the (possibly worldwide) population, basically making people into zombies who can run. WUT. A huge horde of zombies trying to eat you is pretty scary, but a horde of zombies who can run just as fast as you is so much worse. Our main character wakes up alone in the hospital to discover a totally empty city.

28 Days empty London

I love this sequence. Seeing famous locations of huge city like London completely deserted is extremely unsettling. Apparently they managed to get this footage by holding up early-morning traffic for a few minutes at a time while they filmed, backing up inch by inch. This sounds like THE WORST for those drivers, but it’s such a cool couple of scenes and completely sets the tone for the movie.

28 Days zombie

Which is totally terrifying. “The infected”/zombies make weird grunting sounds, have violently jerky movements, and glare through blood-red eyes, making them scary as shit. What is great about this movie, though, is that the little band of survivors who make up our main cast are rescued, only to realize zombies are bad, but power-mad soldiers in survivor mode are even more frightening.

28 Days End is Nigh

I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen this movie, but if you like horror you should! I’ve seen this movie a million times but just thinking about certain scenes (when they get a flat in that tunnel!) practically gives me heart palpitations, which is how you know it’s a great horror flick. (I’ve seen the sequel, 28 Weeks Later, and it’s surprisingly good for a horror sequel, but 28 Days is still the best.)

Thoughts on my mani? Anyone a fan of 28 Days Later?

Thanks for reading! See ya next time! A x

A Bewitching Combo

Simple manicure today. Still glittery though, of course – I have too many Halloween-themed glitters and the month is speeding by, I need to cram them all in!


The glitter is one of my favorite Crows Toes, VooDoo:

Halloween perfection: orange bars and medium hexes; deep purple shards, hexes, and lighter purple squares; and micro glitter pieces in orange, purple and green.

Halloween perfection: orange bars and medium hexes; deep purple shards, hexes, and lighter purple squares; and micro glitter pieces in orange, purple and green.

This came out for the Crows Toes Halloween collection last year. I own this one, Frogs’ Breath, and Last Call at the CrowBar, and I still lust after Tangled Web (it’s almost identical to the blue/black glitter from last year’s China Glaze Bitz ‘n Pieces collection, but the blue glitter in Tangled Web is holographic). Ugh last year was SO GREAT for Halloween collections from my favorite indie companies – both Crows Toes and I Love Nail Polish had amazing collections and I’m sad they didn’t do any new ones this year! (Although honestly, I have way more Halloween polishes than I can handle already since a lot of them just scream Halloween to me so I never want to wear them any other time of year since they feel out of place.)

You can see by the clumping at the neck how loaded with glittahhhh this puppy is.

You can see by the clumping at the neck how loaded with glittahhhh this puppy is.

I’ve worn this a few times, but only over black or dark purple. I wanted to try something new, but it’s difficult to pick a color that complements VooDoo well since it has orange, purple, and green glitter pieces, and I didn’t want any of the glitter to disappear over a similar base color.

I brightened this a little so it's easier to see the glitter on the dark green.

I thought green would show off the orange and purple well, and depending on the hue would also keep the tiny green glitter visible. I liked it with China Glaze’s Def Defying, a delicious acid green (although it’s hard to get a color-accurate pic, it’s definitely not neon looking in real life), and Finger Paints’ Scenery Greenery, a classy (one coater!) hunter. I couldn’t decide which look I wanted to go for more, since Def Defying made VooDoo fun, over-the-top Halloween, and Scenery Greenery made it more darkly elegant. I’m the least decisive human on earth, so I did just did both! 

[caption id="attachment_423" align="alignnone" width="800"]Left hand. It was so hard to get a good photo, but in real life the glitter stood out much more against the dark green. Left hand. It was so hard to get a good photo, but in real life the glitter stood out much more against the dark green.

Right hand.

Right hand. Sorry, I have a little burn mark on my middle finger :(

Like all my Crows Toes, this is a jam-packed glitter, so it takes a bit of manuvering to get it fairly evenly distributed on each nail. I did quite a heavy amount of glitter on Def Defying (right hand) and used a lighter touch on Scenery Greenery (left hand), and I think I like that way better. Either way, VooDoo is pure Halloween magic. I looooove this brand, the creator makes the coolest, often unusual color/glitter combos and they always look amazeballs.

I even painted my nails on theme, while watching American Horror Story: Coven. I have a very love/hate relationship with Ryan Murphy (great ideas and hilarious one-liners/can’t write good character or plot development to save his life) but I like that there’s this weird, fucked up, completely crazy pants TV show. In this iteration I’m ready to be delighted all season long with Emma Roberts’ bitchy teen movie star.

Coven gif

I admit, I like witchy shows/books/movies, which leads me to the next pick on my list of favorite Halloween-y movies – The Craft.

"We ARE the weirdos, mister."

“We ARE the weirdos, mister.”

I had no idea every ’90s kid didn’t know this movie. Last year a movie theater downtown played a double feature of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Craft – which may be one of the greatest movie pairings of all time – and I was the only one of my group of 5 who had seen both these movies (like, a million times – I [and half the audience] shouted “I bind you Nancy, from doing harm…!” along with the movie). I begrudgingly gave the guys a pass because I can’t imagine a preteen dude wanting to see these “girl” movies, but FOR SHAME, FEMALE FRIENDS.


I don’t think The Craft is objectively good, but I grew up with it and as a horror-loving kid I always liked it. It’s is a super weird story that would never be made today because they apparently don’t make teen movies anymore (!), no studio likes to make a movie with an all-female cast unless it’s a bawdy comedy, and the only supernatural movies that are being made now consist of cheesy plots and “epic true love” type stuff.

They do play slumber party games, though!

They do play slumber party games, though!

The main characters in this movie don’t look like they walked off a CW set and there’s certainly no love story – in fact, all the dudes in this film are portrayed as huge assholes (although there is a love spell gone horribly awry). There’s actually a lot of intense themes like suicide, rape, racism, addiction, and the darker elements of some high school experiences in general. Despite the fact that it’s about magic, the characters are trying to figure out how to get what they want in a way that is realistic of teenagers, like Neve Campbell’s disfigured character who wants to be beautiful, and Nancy the misunderstood goth kid with an abusive home life who wants to be powerful.


Wow, I bet that’s more than has ever been written about The Craft. As a kid I just really liked this movie because it dealt with the supernatural in a dark, weird, and moody, and I was a kid who loved horror and creepy things, Damn, when I think about ’90s movies – teen movies in particular – they really don’t make ’em like they used to.

Please tell me some of you have seen/love The Craft? Any thoughts on my mani?

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x