June Nail Art Challenge #4: Purple!

Hello, dear readers! For this prompt, I decided to re-do a mani I did almost exactly two years ago. (Now I actually live where there are fireflies, how funny is that?)

6.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns bottles

I was reminded of this old manicure when I saw a lone little firefly floating around outside my window this weekend, and I thought it would be fun to re-create with the purple theme in mind. I used a gradient of Giver’s Theme, Funkey Dunkey, and just the littlest bit of Russian Navy (which I think technically is an indigo, but it always looks purple to me) for that just-before-nighttime sky coloring.

6.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns around bottle

When the gradient was dry, I used a nail art brush dipped in black polish (I used an old Sally Hansen) to make the tall grasses at the tip of my nails. I like this a lot better than what I did on my previous one – I used two different greens to make the grasses, but it kinda looked cartoon-y. I much prefer the black – it really looks like a silhouette of the grass as the sky darkens to night.

6.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns diagonal

The last time I did this mani, I didn’t like how I had too many of the larger orbs and it looked kind of cluttered, so I did only one or two at first on each nail, then added one or two here and there until I liked it. I’m really pleased with the end result (and that the yellow I used – China Glaze’s Happy Go Lucky – didn’t smear when I applied top coat like Zoya’s Pippa did on my previous mani).

6.14.16 Fancy Finger Guns curled

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about CMAFest! We ended up doing some of the free concerts during the day on Saturday (Jamie-Lynn Spears (!) who did a little medley of ’90s songs including obviously a little Britney, and my sister’s new fav singer on the scene, Russell Dickerson), but DUDE, it was so hot. Everyone was walking around sweaty as hell, but luckily they had a lot of water stations set up, plus those little paper fans everywhere, otherwise I would’ve died. My sister had a friend in town for CMAFest but she and her friends were leaving early, so they nicely gave two tickets to my sister and I, which meant we got to go to the closing show on Sunday.

I am not a country music person, but it was cool to be in the stadium (where the NFL team plays) with 50,000 people all stomping and singing along to each performer. We saw Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, and Luke Bryan, with hilarious introductions by the Property Bros – who apparently are now a band and performed earlier in the day?! Can’t believe I missed that one. Anyway, besides the humidity and the shitshow of getting a Lyft after the show (we left early but it still took almost 45 minutes because there’s never clear instructions for the drivers with all the crazy street closures and stuff around these kind of events, and our guy said they held the cars for almost 20 minutes before they let them all to the pick up area?), it was a really fun night!

Thanks for reading, everyone! See ya next time – A x

Fireflies in the Garden

I know a lot of people don’t like them because bugs = gross, but I just love fireflies!

I’ve never lived anywhere that had them but we visited our extended family in Pennsylvania a few times when I was little, and I remember being obsessed with the fireflies flickering all around me on those warm nights – I thought they were magic! I was thinking about those moments the other day and decided fireflies would be a perfect summer nail art design.

06-20-14 bottles

I wanted to do something with a deep blue sky that resembled the firefly scenes from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (which has some terrible stereotypes, but honestly, the animation is maybe my favorite ever. It’s so gorgeous!), but I also wanted a nice, subtle gradient. I think I achieved that but like the genius I am, I accidentally did the gradient in the opposite direction I wanted when I started on my left hand. I fixed it on my right, but that means the design is flipped upside down on each hand!

I'm sorry, these photos look super blown out, I'm not sure why.

I’m sorry, a few of these photos look super blown out and I’m not sure why.

I applied the grass with Posh using my dotting tool (I ordered brushes from Winstonia recently but they haven’t come in yet), then I added a few swipes of Holly-Day to try to add some dimension. I did the fireflies with my dotting tools also, although I do wish I had done less of the bigger dots.

Again, please forgive my tip wear and the freaking smearing of the dots from my dying Seche Vite.

Again, please forgive my tip wear and the freaking smearing of the dots from my dying Seche Vite.

My favorite nail is my right thumb for that very reason – the fireflies are all pretty small, so it really looks like they’re flickering in the distance.

This would be almost perfect if not for the few dots that smeared. Seche Vite, whyyyyyyy?

This would be perfect if not for the few dots that smeared. Seche Vite, whyyyyyyy?

My blingy pinkies (OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff with Milani’s Gold over it) are leftover from a previous mani I was trying out; I really like them, but I’m not 100% sure they go with this particular look. Hm. Overall, though, I really liked doing this – it was easy and fun to create, and I think they’re pretty adorable.

I don't know why my pinky nails keep breaking, ugh.

I don’t know why my pinky nails keep breaking, ugh.

If you like fireflies, do yourself a favor and check out this series the Japanese artist Yume Cyan did using long exposures. I can’t get over how gorgeous and magical this looks, I just adore it! I would love to get huge prints of these one day.

06-20-14 Yume Cyan

I hope you enjoyed this post (and that the design actually looked like fireflies…?)! Thank you for reading, see you next time – A x