A-England: Wuthering Heights and Sleeping Palace

Hi everyone – sorry, I’m having a lot of trouble getting my photos to download so this post was supposed to go up a few days ago. But if you like muted hues, you’ll love today’s post! I can’t even believe how much I’m into these colors. They are so not my usual bag, but I don’t know, something about these colors seems super cozy to be wearing when the temperature starts to drop (which it actually is doing a bit here, so yay!).

12.2.15 FFG A-England bottles

I started off with two coats of Wuthering Heights. I have no idea how to describe this color – it’s a gray-mauve-lavender hue (and it looks way more lavender in photos than in person) – but it’s beautifully moody and perfectly evokes the gloomy, stormy location of the novel. It’s got a very fine, subtle holo shimmer that doesn’t detract from the color, which is the star of the show.

12.2.15 FFG A-England up

I used striping tape to make intersecting “V” shapes, then painted over it with one thick coat of Sleeping palace. Oooooooh, y’all – I like Wuthering Heights a lot, but I freaking loooooove Sleeping Palace. It’s a dusty plum that is the perfect fall color – it looks very deep and rich to me somehow. Sleeping Palace also has more of a holo flare than Wuthering Heights.

12.2.15 FFG A-England

Sorry if my pictures look weird – I was trying to capture the holo flare, so I took these while hiking in Griffith Park. It’s one of my favorite places in LA – the Observatory is gorgeous and has an amazing view of the city, and on the hiking path you get a great view of downtown LA, too!

For my fellow Americans, how was your Thanksgiving? I had a really lovely, chill day and even had a cute little foster pup for the week to spoil with treats! Although I’m kind of freaking out that it’s already December and I need to start on holiday manis post-haste since I’ve been slacking so much this month, whoops. Oh well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! See you next time!

Happy, happy turkey day! via

Happy, happy turkey day! via

Halloween Mani #13 – Holy Crap, I Made It!

Ahhhhhh you guys, I did it! I didn’t think I’d make it by the 31st, but somehow I completed 13 manicures for Halloween! (I am never doing this again, just to be clear, ha!) I figured I’d do something a little more involved for my last mani, so here ya go:

butter LONDON Cotton Buds, Sinful Colors Black on Black, China Glaze Phat Santa

butter LONDON Cotton Buds, China Glaze Phat Santa, Sinful Colors Black on Black

The past few years I’ve always done a splatter for my actual on-Halloween mani, so I wanted to keep up with that tradition. I added another favorite Halloween design, though – black and white stripes!

10.31.15 splatter curled

I put down two coats of bL’s Cotton Buds first, then after that dried I applied one of the thin stripe nail vinyls from KBShimmer with my curved tweezers, pressing them all down firmly once they were in place to make sure no polish seeps under the tape and ruins the look. Then I applied one coat of Black On Black and quickly removed each piece of tape and was left with a fun stripe that reminded me of something very Tim Burton-esque.

10.31.15 splatter claw

After the stripes on each nail were done and dry, then came the fun part – splattering! I wanted to use a brighter red since I’d just watched Sleepy Hollow and was inspired by the bright red, almost paint-like blood they use. Using a regular drinking straw instead of my usual coffee stirrer, I put some polish at the end and then blew through the top to get these perfectly gory blood splatters, and it worked wayyyy better, let me tell you!

10.31.15 splatter around bottle

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all my 13 Halloween manis! I had a lot of fun doing them, although I’m definitely looking forward to keeping a slower pace with manis for a little while – 13 in one month is a LOT. Thanks for reading, and have a safe and fun Halloween! – A x

WNAC August Nail Art Challenge: Cobalt & Peach

Hi everyone, how’s your week been going? I’ve been doing a week of catch-up posts when I realized I was two weeks (!) behind, but today I’ve reached the last prompt for the WNAC August nail art challenge and I am posting on time, huzzah! I’ve really liked how easy and open it was – only once a week and with unrestrictive prompts that leave you free to do a wide scope of designs. A lot of the nail art challenges I’​ve seen require something new every day of the month (!!!), which is something lazy ol’ me would never have attempted, and I liked how the prompt gave me a color palette but left me free to do whatever I felt like. I will def be revisiting this challenge in the future when I’m lacking inspiration! So here we go, the last prompt of the WNAC nail art challenge:

Nails Inc Baker Street, China Glaze Son Of A Peach

Nails Inc Baker Street, China Glaze Son Of A Peach

I really love this color combo, but of course, being me, I had to make it a bit punchier. Enter China Glaze’s Son Of A Peach – the obnoxiously formulated, gorgeously pastel neon-ed peach of my dreams. It never shows up the correct colors in photos (although I did try my hardest!), so I apologize for saying “you need to see this in person to appreciate it,” but…you really do. Anyway, I think I used four coats to get this color perfectly opaque? Like most pastels and/or neons, SOAP is plagued with a patchy formula that makes it difficult to achieve a nice, level, opaque coat. I’ve discussed this many times before because as much as I hate the formula of SOAP, the color is so to die for that I’ve used it a bunch of times on this blog in the past, so I’m gonna stop bitching about it and get to the rest of the mani!

8.28. around bottle

I added a layer of top coat to my middle two fingers and gave it about 30 minutes to completely dry, then I carefully laid striping tape in a criss-cross pattern and quickly painted on a coat of Nails Inc’s Baker Street. Baker Street is another polish I’ve used a bunch of times on this blog – it’s a fabulous cobalt that’s a one-coater if you’re careful, although it does chip very quickly on me, unfortunately. After I applied my coat of Baker Street, I gently pulled up the striping tape, except I forgot which pieces went down first on my ring finger so they all kinda tugged up at once, which is why it doesn’t look as crisp as my middle. In person you can’t really tell that much, though.

8.28. diagonal

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased at how good I’ve become at striping tape (my forgetting which order as noted above notwithstanding). I usually don’t have the patience to try something like this, but once I realized how amazing pointed tweezers were at helping ease of application, I kind of became a pro. Since I’m only ever 50/50 good with stamping and 0% skilled with water marbling {which I think everyone agrees with the MOST difficult nail art), tape designs are my favorite way to create nail art. As long as you know to make sure the bottom color’s top coat is completely dry and to pull up the tape immediately after painting, it’s really easy to make cool designs even for a nail art novice.


I can’t believe August is over already. 2015 has gone by incredibly fast, right? It really freaks me out, but also…August being over means HALLOWEEN TIME is officially at hand! I bust out my autumnal-scented candles right around now and start decorating my apartment in the middle of September because I just can’t wait for fall, and the best part – this year in Southern California it’s supposed to actually be chilly and cool! I will get a real fall season, huzzah! Last year it was in the high 90s all through October and I thought I was going to die – also, it’s hard to plan cute outfits for the pumpkin patch when you have to dress like it’s high summer, bleh. Anyway, I’m already planning Halloween manis, obvs, but I’m not quite sure what to fill September with. If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see, leave me a comment below! Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you next time – A x

Nail Quickies: Rose Gold and Teal Racing Stripes

Hello everyone! How’s your (holiday, if you’re in the US) week been going? I’ve had a busy few weeks at work so I treated myself to a some new polishes last weekend, two of which I’m wearing in my mani today!

7.3.15 bottles

I wasn’t too into the China Glaze desert collection – I like the idea behind the theme, but I’m at the point in my crazy huge polish collection where I only want to buy something if it’s unique, and these just ain’t it. My sister scooped up Meet Me In The Mirage, however, and once I put it on I realized it’s actually a little different from my other foil-y rose gold, butter London’s Champers. Champers is a bit more rich in color and has more metallic foil flakes – MMITM is lighter in color and isn’t as heavily foil-y. It went on easily and opaquely in two thin coats.

7.3.15 diagonal

I did want to note that Cecilia is fabulous at self-leveling – I did only one coat because I was, as usual, painting my nails in the half-dark, and later added another layer after realizing it was sheer in some parts. The polish had a streaked texture when it first went on because I was trying to apply only a thin layer, but to my relief a few seconds later each nail looked nice and smooth. So that’s actually pretty cool! For the stripes, I stuck a piece of washi tape diagonally at the tip of each nail and then applied a piece of striping tape above that and painted one thick coat of Meet Me In The Mirage.

7.2.15 pose

This was so easy to do and looks very chic, I love it! What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments! I know I haven’t been posting as much lately, but I’ve got a fun and easy Fourth of July mani coming up soon I think y’all will like. See you then! – A x

ILNP Atlantis

Hi everyone! Today I have a very subtle mani – since I used my last ILNP flakie over a contrasting color, I wanted to use it over a similar color for today’s look, but it blended juuuuuust a little too well and my macro lens got lost so it might be a little hard to see that multichrome goodness in my pics, sorry about that! (I do have a new macro on the way, though!)

3.3.15 bottles

I also totally meant to take pics of each step for this mani, but as usual, I just started doing it and completely forgot. Oh well. To begin, I used two coats of Glitzerland on my middle fingers and one coat of One Track Mind on my pinkie, pointer, and thumb. OTM is a really great polish for when you want to do a quick mani since it’s a one-coater, but I was disappointed with how dark it was. I’ve been searching for a replacement to an oldddddd and discontinued Essence color, Just Rock It, which was the perfect not-too-dark navy, and I thought OTM would be a good dupe but it’s a bit too dark for my liking – I’m generally not a fan of those almost-black colors. Sigh. It’s got a great formula, though, so I will be keeping it around!

3.315 curled around bottle

Once the top coat had dried on the nails with Glitzerland, I applied two pieces of striping tape, blocking out a thick stripe down the center of each nail. I used a light hand to paint one coat of OTM – sometimes painting with a thick coat means it gets under the tape – then after about a minute, I applied Atlantis just down the middle section over OTM.

3.3.15 diagonal

The flakes are pretty densely packed so I only used one coat. I carefully removed the tape and while those nails dried, I tried to apply the flakies in a fade but as my regular readers know, I’m somehow incapable of doing a perfect fade. :/ My pinkie isn’t too bad, though! Anyway, after everything was dry, I applied a thin layer of top coat.

3.3.15 curled

I actually really like this look, despite how hard the flakes are to see. Atlantis starts off as a blue-leaning purple, then shifts through reddish purple, fuchsia, [ etc ]. I reeeeeally wish I had my macro lens, ugh, but if you love purple and flakies, this is the polish for you! The color shift is beautiful, the formula is super easy to apply, and it’s just an all-around awesome, unique polish to have.

3.3.15 tilted up

Thank you for reading! See you next time! – A x